Why vacation rentals are eco-friendly

Why vacation rentals are eco-friendly

Why vacation rentals are eco-friendly

Travellers are not only becoming more adventurous when planning trips and vacations but are also more conscious about being eco-friendly. Many of us try to incorporate eco consciousness into every aspect of our lives, even when considering travel options. We aim to leave as little of a carbon footprint as possible, and help save Mother Earth wherever possible. This post on why vacation rentals are eco-friendly will help you understand how you can take your responsible behaviour on vacation with you!

Compared to hotels, vacation rentals are a more eco-friendly vacation alternative for many different reasons, and it is no wonder these beautiful vacation rentals are growing more and more popular each year. They are the top choice for conscious travellers who not only love exploring the world but also enjoy saving money on their trips and maximizing whatever facilities and amenities that are provided during their travels.

Post and beam eco green home in the Laurentian Mountains

Post and beam eco green home in the Laurentian Mountains

Gone are the days when tourists aimed for the biggest hotels, enjoying every amenity that comes with their accommodation, while utilizing unlimited resources and energy. These days, instead of bragging about how top notch one’s hotel room is, more and more seasoned travellers pride themselves with traveling the world on a limited budget and landing the most affordable yet high quality room in a top travel destination. These days, travelers are becoming more aware of how one’s luxurious travel attitude can take its toll on nature and ultimately on the only planet we have.

So why consider vacation rentals the next time you plan for your vacation? Do you think booking a hotel room will be the best option for an affordable, convenient, enriching and conscious vacation? Well, it is time to consider all aspects and really evaluate what works for you, for your family and for the future of our word.

Generally speaking, vacation rentals make use of otherwise empty space and do not require more buildings to be built (including the carbon footprint that comes with every structure and use of a home). Vacation rentals, as opposed to hotel rooms and other accommodations, allow the users to treat their transient space as their own, thereby giving them free choice on how they live in the place during their vacation. They can run the place the greenest way they can by following rules that are also followed in their own homes. Some of these rules may include:

* Turning off every appliance when not in use and no “on standby”.
* Using drinking cups while brushing one’s teeth to prevent water from running continuously.
* Going to the local market and buying local produce to be used for healthier, more economical, and earth friendly home cooked meals.
* Turning on the air conditioning only when there are people inside the house.
* Drying off towels under the sun.
* Limiting the use of the microwave oven to save on energy and steer clear of harmful radiation.
* Towel drying one’s hair instead of opting for the hair dryer.
* Reusing towels on numerous occasions as opposed to getting a new one every single time, which you might be tempted to do especially if you were booked in a hotel and somebody else does the laundry for you.
* Washing your own clothes while on vacation instead of going to the laundry shop or the local dry cleaning service.

Green living in Fiji

Green living in Fiji

Vacation rentals are growing in popularity as they not only present travellers with opportunities to save on their travel expenses but also with the chance to stick to their eco-friendly habits by providing a greener alternative. Not to mention, renting a vacation home allows guests to do as the locals do, and truly experience their environment when they take up residence in their temporary home and meet the friendly neighbors. Unlike most hotel stays which tend to be expensive, isolated and wasteful, vacation rentals tend to be more practical as many of them are tapping into sustainable energy. They do their share to reduce waste and promote an earth friendly lifestyle.

Vacation rentals may take up many different names depending on where you plan to travel next. They may be called vacation villas, holiday homes or holiday cottages, but one thing is for sure, in all their different shapes and sizes they will allow you and your family to practice your earth friendly habits wherever you may be.

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