Why Travel is Important

Why Travel is Important. Image by Dariusz Sankowski from Pixabay

Why Travel is Important

Owner Direct Vacation Rentals Study Away Scholarship 2021 – Winning Essay by Teresa Middleton

If you ask anyone who travels why travel is important there would be a common knowing, an unspoken feeling, an almost addiction in common among them. Travel is better than any book, better than any tv show or movie. It puts you in a world to explore outside of your own. Travel allows you to live in the moment; to breathe in all the beauty this world has to offer. I believe it’s a lifeline, a rejuvenation, a being. Now more than ever people can understand the importance that travel has for many, when for years that lifeline has been put on hold. The world has felt it. The world has suffered and felt loss. But through it all, the world endures. In the absence of physical travel we rely on our memories and pictures. We travel back through them and remember the feeling of being away. You can close your eyes and be transported to another time and place. Even this lifts our spirits and helps us to continue. Travel allows us to connect to the world; to others. With connection comes life, love, and abundance. It’s what is going to help the world heal as the borders open up and people get away and connect again. We will all come together to empathize, remember and move on. Travel allows us to do that.

Travel is hope. It’s something to look forward to. It’s a fantasy only, it’s real life, your life. Travel tantalizes all of the senses. Sights as awe dropping as the peak of mount Everest amongst the clouds, elephants and zebras gathering around a watering hole, the Eiffel tower lit in the background, or the majestic Niagara falls. It’s the smell of freshly brewed coffee on the beach in Hawaii, fresh baked waffles in Belgium, homemade tomato sauce and pasta in Italy, and the hamburgers on the BBQ in the backyard. Yes, there is a common theme there that all has to do with food. One of the most important aspects of travel is the food! Which of course brings us to the next sense of taste, walking through the same travel again, but this time while tasting the fresh brewed coffee on the beach in Hawaii, the fresh baked waffles in Belgium, the homemade tomato sauce and pasta in Italy, and the BBQ’d hamburgers in the backyard; mmmmmm. Let’s explore touch and sound together as we walk on the beach feeling the sand between our toes, listening to the waves crash against the rocks; as we step into the warm water of a natural hot spring as we listen to the birds sing around us, and as we feel the mist of the Niagara falls on our faces and we hear the falls crashing down below us. Travel allows us these incredible experiences of the senses. It brings joy, gratitude and happiness.

Travel is growth. It’s individual growth. It’s collective growth. It allows the individual to learn and explore creating personal growth. It brings the knowledge and resources from different backgrounds and knowings together to allow for community and world growth. Travel opens up the world. It opens up our hearts and minds. Again with the loss of travel the world experienced shrinkage, loneliness, and solace. In the modern world the importance of travel can not be underestimated. Already with the thought of travel in the near horizon the world is beginning to open up again. To feel connection and belonging. We will l grow stronger together from the pain and loss of the not so distant past. The world will lighten.

Travel to those who know really needs no words. It’s a feeling. It’s a feeling we will all remember as we hit the confirm purchase button on our bookings very soon.

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