Tips for Keeping Your Home and Family Safe during Holidays


Tips for Keeping Your Home and Family Safe during Holidays

From our friends at AlarmGrid, keeping your home and family safe should be a top priority. From investing in an alarm system to making smart choices around your house, it’s vital you know what it means to protect your family. Personal safety not only for yourself but also for your property and your family is a gift that will afford you more peace of mind.

In this guide, we’ll talk about the best tips for keeping your home and family safe. From understanding how criminals think to taking extra caution around your home, these tips have you covered.

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1. Understand How Criminals Target Homes

First, it’s important to understand how criminals target homes in the first place and what the odds of a burglary are. There are a lot of misunderstandings about what types of homes are targeted. For instance, most people wrongly believe criminals only target “bad” neighborhoods. This “it would never happen here” mentality is what keeps people from protecting their homes in the first place.

According to a survey of criminals at the Oregon Department of Corrections, most broke in through an unlocked window or door. The most popular time to break into a home isn’t during the night, as many people believe, but actually in the middle of the day when most people are at work for the day or in school. Finally, all of the inmates who responded to the survey knocked on the door before proceeding with the break-in. As you can see, there’s a lot to learn from these facts.

2. Install an Alarm System

The most effective way to protect your home is with an alarm system. Unfortunately, you can’t be there to protect your home all of the time. Having an alarm system might deter would-be criminals, and it will also alert the authorities as soon as any unusual activity is detected on your property.

Today, alarm systems are smarter and better equipped to protect your home than ever before. They’re accessible on the go from smartphone apps, and they’re easier to install. For more information, Alarm Grid has a guide to all the different security codes and how to use them in your own system.

Photo credit: Pexels

3. Make a Clear Path

Next, it’s essential to make a clear path to your front door. This doesn’t mean making it easier for intruders to get in. It actually makes removing any plants or shrubs that block the view of the entrance of your home. The goal here is to make it easy to see your door and front windows from the street.

If your home is hard to see, especially at night, it’s much easier for intruders to get into your home undetected. Stray police officers and neighbors are much more likely to spot a criminal if they’re lit up by a motion-sensor light and not in a shadow.

4. Be Careful with Keys

Keys are important for protecting your home, yet so many people treat them frivolously. Are you hiding your keys in an easy to find spot for your neighbor who comes over twice a week? Did you lose a set of keys altogether?

Get in the habit of making smart choices with your keys. Never hide your keys in common places like under a flowerpot or doormat. If your keys go missing, replace the lock just in case. You can never be too careful.

As you can see from this guide above, protecting your family includes many steps. As long as you’re proactive about keeping everyone safe, you’ll keep yourself from becoming an easy target to criminals and intruders.

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