6 Adrenaline-rush things to do this summer in Canada


6 Adrenaline-rush things to do this summer in Canada

Nothing makes you want to go outside more than the sun shining through your windows. And for some, it is nature’s way of calling you for an exhilarating adventure outside your comfort zone. And so we bring you 6 adrenaline-rush things to do this summer 2015 in Canada. Because adventure is not as fun without the thrill!

Here we go.

#1 Go bungee jumping the Goliath

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The Goliath is pride of the Great Canadian Bungee (GCB) located in Wakefield, just 20 minutes from downtown Ottawa, Gatineau. The platform is placed 200 ft above the middle of a limestone quarry. It’s like being in an amphitheater of solid limestone surrounding a 160 ft deep aqua-blue, spring-fed lagoon, larger than 3 football fields – giving you a spine-chilling bungee jumping experience like no other.

This is the only place in North America where you can experience a 200 ft head (or body) dip. You also get to have a first rebound equivalent to jumping a 160 ft that is still considered higher than any other site in the USA or Canada. Awesome!

Scared already? Worry not. The GCB ensures your safety while you take a trip over the edge. And you can also bring your family and friends (with $5 admission fee if not jumping) to cheer on you and give you extra boost to take that leap.

Or if you’re going for the thrill alone, you can take a chilling warm up and slide down the GCB RipRide zipline. It is a 1,015 ft cable that crosses the lake from one end to the other. It starts at 200 ft and goes down to 150 ft above the water as you reach 80-100 km/hr top speed. More information at bungee.ca.

#2 Be one with the wind through ziplines

Gorgeous 2-bedroom property backing onto the Chateau Whistler Golf Course and just a 5-minute walk away from Lost Lake #210651

Speaking of ziplines, here’s one you should not miss – the Superfly Ziplines. Currently the title holder of the longest zipline in Canada at 1.3 km long, 500 ft high and reaching speeds of 100 km/hr.

The Superfly Ziplines is about a 10-minute drive to north of Whistler Village in the Cougar Mountain area. Experience heart-pounding, Superman speed through the air with the breathtaking beauty of Cougar Mountain and the Whistler Valley. They use a sit-in harness and allow two guests to ride side-by-side, with an exclusive cable for each so you can shout at the top of your lungs with your partner, family or friend. That’s double the fun and excitement! More information at superflyziplines.com.

Set to open in July is Ziptrek’s new 2+ km zipline called The Sasquatch™ Zipline. Also located in Whistler, British Columbia, this new zipline promises to be thrilling and formidable. The over 2 kms (7,000 ft) mind-blowing distance will launch high up on Blackcomb Mountain to a landing near mid-mountain on Whistler Mountain, making it the new longest zipline in Canada and the USA. More information at ziptrek.com.


#3 Tidal bore rafting on the Shubenacadie River

Executive style house located in the bayfront hills, 15km north of Inverness, Cape Breton #207140

Take whitewater rafting to an exceptional level and go for Tidal Bore Rafting on the Shubenacadie River located in Nova Scotia – the only place to tidal bore raft in Canada. And tidal bore, by the way, is a natural phenomenon seen in very few parts of the world.

The first thing you notice of Shubenacadie River is that it’s dull and muddy. But once you get past the mudflats and sandbars, you’ll come across the mouth of the river where things start going backwards. The river changes its flow right before your very eyes!

Tidal Bore Rafting is where the tides come rushing in (from the Bay of Fundy to the Shubenacadie River) instead of riding downstream rapids. What made this particular river a total standout is that you’re rafting on the world’s highest tides, with reaching heights of sixteen-foot waves and travelling inland at roughly 50 km/hr. That’s sure to keep your heart pumping really fast! More information at shubie.com.

Other top whitewater rafting rivers include: Kicking Horse River located in the Canadian Rockies of South Eastern British Columbia. A classic glacier fed mountain river, see towering canyon walls and beautiful scenery as you raft; Kipawa River in Quebec (rated as one of Eastern Canada’s best intermediate whitewater rivers); Fraser River, the longest (and arguably the most famous river in BC) with superb view of Mount Robson, the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies; and, Ottawa River in Ontario with a close up view of the Canadian Wilderness, among others.

#4 Tandem skydive over the Canadian Rockies

Enjoy the southern views of downtown Calgary and Elbow River from this 1-bedroom open floor concept condo #203973

Fly and float in suspended air at the same time with skydiving, which is something you can’t just explain. You’ve got to experience it! And the best place for your first jump is over the Canadian Rockies.

With tandem skydiving, you are physically attached to an instructor by a harness. This allows you the thrill of freefall from 12,500 ft above the ground with the comfort of an experienced instructor. Ready, set, go and jump for that intense adrenaline rush. While you’re at it, enjoy the spectacular aerial views of the mountains as much as you can. All in just about 40 seconds! A time of your life you’ll never forget.

The Skydive Big Sky offers a complete skydiving experience for both newcomers and expert jumpers alike. More information at skydivingcalgary.ca.


#5 Have a heart-pounding EdgeWalk

Condo in Downtown Toronto, 5 minutes walk to Canadian National Exhibition! #213945

Experience walking the edge of the world CN Tower in Toronto, a 1,997 ft communications tower, which is home to the world’s highest full circle hands-free walk on a 5 ft wide ledge encircling the top of the Tower’s main pod, 1,168 ft (116 storeys) above the ground.

You will be walking in a group of six while attached to a harness via an overhead rail to keep you from falling down the street below. And if you’re in for the super challenge, lean back over Toronto with nothing but air and breathtaking views of Lake Ontario beneath you. The EdgeWalk guides themselves encourage you to do it. So have no fear, go wild and experience this top Canada Signature. More information at edgewalkcntower.ca.


#6 Be truly weightless on Earth

Waterfront home at Melbourne Beach. Lots of fun things to do with family and you can watch the Kennedy Space Center launches from here! #204019

If money is not an issue, then go the extraordinary, exhilarating and absolutely once-in-a-lifetime chance to experience true weightlessness. The ZERO-G’s specially modified Boeing 727 has parabolic arcs that create a weightless environment allowing you to float, flip and soar as if you were in space. Like astronauts!

Starting at $4,950 per person, the ZERO-G Experience® includes 15 parabolas, your own ZERO-G flight suit, ZERO-G merchandise, a Regravitation Celebration, certificate of weightless completion, photos and video of your unique experience. Available on July 18, 2015 in Cape Canaveral, Florida, this out-of-this-world thing is definitely worthy of splurging. More information at gozerog.com.

Surely, these things are not for the fainted-heart but for those who crave for thrilling excitement. Which one thrills you the most? Have you tried it already? Go share with us! We’d love to know!

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