5 Reasons Why You Should Travel with Your Dog

5 Reasons Why You Should Travel with Your Dog

5 Reasons Why You Should Travel with Your Dog

Dogs are very fun to be around. Other than being hyperactive and needing playtime, they are also super affectionate. This is why most people love the company of dogs. For many, owning a dog does not strike as much of a responsibility. Not until they have to travel.

Traveling with a dog can be pretty hectic, especially so, if you are the custodian of a big dog. As you make your travel arrangements, you have to make arrangements for your dog too. It is for this reason that most people prefer leaving their dogs at home when they go out on tour. Whether you are on a business trip or vacation, there can be some fantastic ups for tagging your dog along with you. If you are still hesitant about it, here are five reasons why you should consider traveling with your dog:

1. It is the best way to decide where you will stay

Different places have different stipulations for pets. Some restaurants and hotels do not allow pets within their premises whereas some vacation rentals are very pet-friendly. That said, traveling with your dog can help you choose the friendliest environment for you and your pet. Since you are a lover of animals, it counts to go to a place where animals are allowed.

2. To create new memories

Memories cannot rely on one place. Moving around in different places, towns, and countries with your dog is the best way to make new memories. It may be the perfect opportunity for you to realize the different rules and laws that apply in different places when it comes to dogs. Dogs are also an incredible company to have around. Since you are also new to your destination, you are assured of some company wherever you go. Besides, if your dog is your best friend, making memories should already be in your bucket list.

3. To help you stay in shape

Just because you are in a foreign place doesn’t mean you have to abandon your goals to stay fit. If you have been hitting the gym every day, traveling can disrupt your plans. However, with a dog on board, you always have a reason to get up and work out. Dogs love adventure, so, there is no way you will be sitting in your hotel room doing nothing all day every day. Even though you might not join a gym near you, you can always jog, run, hike, or simply take a walk in the new town.

4. For security

If you are visiting a new place, everything might be different from what you know. You may not even have friends in the new environment. Bringing your dog with you assures you of security throughout your stay in the foreign place. Since dogs are very protective of their owners, strangers and malicious people are less likely to harm you when you have a dog in your company.

5. To boost your social life

Did you know that a dog can help you look friendlier than you are? Dogs can be very friendly with other people, especially kids. If your dog is well trained, this should not bother you at all. The upside of having a dog when you travel is boosting your social life. In a new environment, you might be desperate to make new friends. Lucky for you, your dog can get the conversation started for you, people will want to pet your dog, or even take pictures with him. Some will even what to know what the best dog shampoo for itching is, guided by the lustrous coat of your dog.


There is never a reason to sideline your dog when traveling. Take the opportunity to show affection to your dog by spending more time with him even on vacation.

~ Guest post written by Jonny Hobs

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