Top 8 Must-Have Travel Apps for Your Phone


Top 8 Must-Have Travel Apps for Your Phone

Technology has made traveling a much more pleasurable experience eliminating much of the stress of traveling. Don’t speak the local language? Not a problem, there’s an app for that. Actually there are travel phone apps for almost anything you can imagine that you may need during your holiday. Most are free. Here are some of our favourite travel apps you might want to download for your next vacation.

Pano, an award winning app that allows you to capture stunning panoramic images from your phone. Your photos will be even more memorable capturing the essence of the area. Pano allows you to take up to 16 photos and create a panoramic image. The apps’ algorithms allow seamless blending of images in just seconds! No other software is necessary.

Traveling by air? Flight Aware is a handy app that allows you to track your flight and automatically notifies you of any flight delays, gate changes or cancellations.

Urbanspoon uses your phones’ GPS to pick popular local restaurants in a particular neighborhood. Urbanspoon is available in several countries, including US, Canada, Australia and UK. Simply “shake” your phone and nearby restaurants will slide up and down your screen like a slot machine. A comparable app, Open Table is a completely international restaurant locator with the added ability to make reservations.

Got a led foot? Consider adding Trapster app to your phone. Trapster alerts you to speed traps and other roadway problems. Users can submit tips on speed traps, cameras or other delays and the app notifies other users in the area.

While being out and about it’s always nice to know where there are good, clean restrooms. Even more important in unfamiliar areas. The Sit or Squat app allows you to view, rate and add bathrooms by using your phones’ GPS.

Yelp also uses your phone’s GPS to provide you with a list of local businesses in more than a dozen categories, from movie theaters and restaurants to taxi companies and drug stores. Yelp even allows you to make a reservation with Open Table (reviewed above) without leaving Yelp. Pretty cool.

And for those vacationing in places where you don’t speak the native language, a must-have travel app is Jibbigo. It allows you to speak an English phrase into your phone and Jibbigo will recite the translation into a variety of languages, including Spanish, Japanese, Thai and Chinese. While similar to Google Translate, it doesn’t require a data connection, which can get expensive. The cost of the app will more than pay for itself over the course of your holiday.

What are some of your must-have travel apps? Why did they come in handy during your travels?

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