Top 8 Must-Have Travel Apps for Your Phone

8 Must-Have Travel Apps for Your Phone

Top 8 Must-Have Travel Apps for Your Phone

8 Best Travel Apps to Download for Your Next Trip

Planning a vacation can be exciting yet overwhelming. Once you’ve booked your vacation home on the Owner Direct Vacation Rentals app, read on.

Technology has made traveling a much more pleasurable experience eliminating much of the stress of traveling. Don’t speak the local language? Not a problem, there’s an app for that. Actually there are travel phone apps for almost anything you can imagine that you may need during your holiday. Most are free. Here are some of our favorite travel apps you might want to download for your next vacation.

This article highlights eight must-have travel apps for your phone.


TripCase is a free mobile travel app that allows you to organize your vacation by creating an itinerary for you. It can quickly schedule your rental cars, accommodations, flights, and restaurant reservations. All you have to do is send TripCase your travel confirmation emails to create an itinerary and let it take care of the rest.

The next time you open the app, your trip’s entire chronological lineup will be ready. You can also manually add your traveling information.


When planning a vacation, flight rates are one of the things that you should consider. Flight rates keep fluctuating from time to time. At one point, they’re cheap and expensive the next minute.

Hopper tracks flight prices and provides clear guidance on when to purchase, including alerts when the price reduces. It also predicts when flight rates may rise so you can get your ticket quickly at a lower price. Additionally, it can allow you to compare flight rates and amenities of several airlines, ensuring you get the best deal.


If going for a road trip is on your to-do list when you go on vacation, Roadtrippers is a must-have app on your phone. With this app, you can discover interesting spots to stop during a road trip, including:

  • Unique roadside attractions
  • Museums
  • Amusement parks
  • Campsites
  • Restaurants

Once you discover the site you like, the app draws a route to direct you. The best thing about the app is that it allows you to add an infinite number of stops to your itinerary and download offline maps, especially when using the Roadtrippers Plus account.


TripIt is the best travel app for people who travel regularly. It organizes your itineraries and travel documents in one location, making your trip hassle-free.

When using this app, you should first enter your car rental, accommodation, flight, and restaurant confirmation emails. After that, it’ll send them to your master itinerary so you can view all your travel plans in one location.

When you upgrade to the Pro version, you’ll enjoy extra services like security wait times, real-time flight alerts, updates on your loyalty reward programs, and luggage claim information.


PackPoint lifts the packing stress off your shoulders. The app provides packing suggestions based on the duration of your vacation, the weather where you’re going, and any side trips you’ve planned. If you have access to laundromats, PackPoint enables you to account for washing and re-wearing your clothing.

Download and install the app on your phone a few days before your vacation. Next, enter your travel information and the name of the city you’re traveling to and prepare for your journey.


If you need to use the internet while traveling, you’ll have to connect to free public Wi-Fi. Public Wi-Fi can be unreliable, and it poses a huge security risk. Hackers may access your private information, leading to issues such as identity theft.

To avoid such issues, download TunnelBear on your phone when traveling. It will give you access to a virtual private network that will encrypt your browser data to protect it from hackers. This app offers 500MB of free internet data each month. You can also opt for unlimited data at a reasonable monthly fee.


The must-have travel app list can’t be complete without mentioning Eatwith. This app allows you to see what meals the locals cook and the alcohol they serve.

You’ll get a chance to taste the local cuisine and experience a new culture, which is the whole point of a vacation. Additionally, you’ll enjoy local meals for less money than you would generally pay at a restaurant.

You can interact with the locals and learn more about their culture during meals.


When on vacation, the last thing you’d want is to get caught in a terrible storm that makes it difficult to see. You can easily avoid this scenario by downloading DriveWeather on your phone before traveling. It lets you know whether they’ll be rain, snow, or strong wind so you can take the necessary precautions.

With a DriveWeather pro subscription, you may get weather predictions for up to seven days so you can prepare adequately.

Wrap Up

Planning a vacation may not be a walk in the park, however, you can make this process easier with the right travel apps. They’ll help you plan your trip quickly, giving you more time to enjoy your vacation. Moreover, the apps will help you save money and avoid ugly scenarios. Download any app on our list and prepare for the epic vacation you deserve.

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