A Remedy for Hotel Room Cramps

A Remedy for Hotel Room Cramps

A Remedy for Hotel Room Cramps

Does the thought of staying in a cramped hotel room with your entire family (husband and 4 kids) make you think twice about traveling? A friend of mine is looking to go to Vancouver for a few days to visit her working husband. He is currently living with three guys in a one bedroom apartment to cut costs while away from his family. The guys all live in small rural towns and are just in Vancouver to make some money to send home. Six to eight months of hard work can keep their families going for awhile but the kids need to see their dad occasionally too so a family vacation in Vancouver is in order.

Cramped hotel room

“There’s just no room to relax with everyone in one hotel room,” my friend said. “Sleeping in the same room, let alone the same bed with the kids makes the odds of getting a good night’s sleep a million to one. Not to mention the fact that you constantly have to quiet the kids so they don’t disturb the neighboring rooms, stop them from shouting while they’re running up and down the hallways, and having to go out or get take out for every meal. Vacations cost a small fortune these days!” Being in the travel industry I have to agree. It’s difficult enough to find a hotel room that can sleep six so my friend would most likely have to find two rooms side by side, thereby doubling the price.  With an average nights stay running $189 per night for an economy twin room, that’s $378 for her family per night. Finding adjoining rooms is not always possible either which can create even more challenges.

Most hotels in the larger cites also don’t come with kitchenettes, so going out to eat or ordering takeout would be required. Breakfast, lunch and dinner add up fast for a family of six even if you do buy some snacks at the local grocery store. If you’re staying in a big city downtown, sometimes just finding a grocery store can be a difficult task. That’s when I suggested taking at look at vacation rentals instead. You can rent an entire house for practically the same or less than those hotel rooms.

On OwnerDirect.com for example, a 4600 sq ft square foot 4 bedroom house in North Vancouver, only 15 minutes from Vancouver’s downtown is going for $390 per night and can sleep 8. It is a primary home, so is fully furnished and equipped with all the amenities you may need, coffee maker, wireless internet, 21-inch flat screen TV, playstation, BBQ, full kitchen, treadmill, private hot tub and heated pool, and is child friendly. A much more comfortable solution to staying in cramped hotel rooms.

North Vancouver Exclusive Home -

North Vancouver Exclusive Home – ID #202309, Sleeps 8

If they wanted to be right downtown Vancouver, a 1 bedroom apartment that can sleep up to 4 goes for $165 per night. It’s got a full kitchen, living room, bathroom with bathtub, queen and double sofa beds, LCD television, internet connection, and the building offers a common room with games. Hotel rooms at $300 per night would end up costing $1200 plus tax and most likely wouldn’t have a kitchen or living room.

Downtown Vancouver Condo

Downtown Vancouver Condo – ID #141190, Sleeps 4

For larger groups or families, vacation rentals offer so much more than small hotel rooms can. There is also the possibility that owners will offer discounts for children under a certain age. Thanks to the Internet, the travel industry is competitive which means better value and lower prices can be found if you know where to look. If you’re still not convinced, see our Top 10 Reasons a Vacation Home is Better Than a Hotel.

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