Outdoor dining – Great vacation rental meal ideas

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Outdoor dining – Great vacation rental meal ideas

So you have finally booked that much awaited family summer vacation. The question now is how to plan for a week’s worth of meals for you and the family and how to make these dishes away from your familiar home kitchen. It can be overwhelming and rather daunting to think of feeding your family while you are on vacation. Instead of going out to eat or ordering take out, keep your vacation budget in check by finding some fun and easy recipes. Don’t despair, there are a few hacks you can apply to make cooking, dining and feeding your family while on vacation easy-peasy and find a way to truly enjoy the outdoor dining experience on that lovely summer deck that awaits.
Here are a number of vacation rental meal ideas to bear in mind:

1. You can never go wrong with good old barbecue. No vacation is complete without grilling meat and vegetables that the family can share and enjoy in between getting enough relaxation, working on your tan or enjoying a dip in the water. Barbecued meat, paired with grilled onions and tomatoes, and drizzled with salsa, apart from being very simple and easy to prepare while you are away from home, will always be hit for kids and grownups alike. Marinate your meat, store them in resealable baggies and stash them in the freezer until you are ready to cook them for your next getaway meal.

Penticton, BC #204896

The patio is great for meals, visiting or playing games during your holiday stay. There is also a BBQ on the patio. This 3 bedroom Greater Penticton property features a beautiful garden with a patio perfect for family meals and barbecue parties.

2. Munch on the greens. Even while on vacation, it is a must that the little ones get enough servings of nutritious and healthy food and salad is one of those meals you can easily prepare wherever you may be, even when you are away from your culinary turf. Combine a couple of vegetables like lettuce, cucumber, carrots, bell pepper and throw in a couple of herbs, add your favorite vinaigrette or dressing and you are good to go! You can even include the children to join in on the preparation.

Garfagnana, Caprignana #205700

Fresh vegetables served in the kitchen for healthy meals. Photo from a Caprignana accomodation.

3. Go for versatile sandwiches. Sandwiches are complete meal in one small package. You have the greens, the deli meat and the carbohydrates in the bread. While it can easily pass for one full meal, preparing sandwiches in smaller sizes are also perfect in between meals or snacks for the family. Make sure to include a number of different spreads so you can alternate or combine them as you will be sure to prepare these sandwiches a couple of times while you are on vacation.

Top things to do in Maui

Sandwiches are truly easy to prepare and delicious. A perfect snack for the whole family. Photo taken from this article.

4. Go nuts for nuts. Whether you plan to bring a backpack for a trail adventure or just so you and the family can have something to munch on in between activities, nuts are always a good choice. Apart from the healthy stuff, nuts also involve very little or no preparation at all. Simply combine a couple of your favorite nuts, like pistachio, walnut, almonds and cashew, pack them in sandwich bags and you are all set.

Arezzo, Italy #207371

Here’s a perfect area to enjoy eating snacks whether it be nuts or any other snack while you are on vacation. This is in an Arezzo vacation rental.

5. Anyone craving pasta? You might think it will be quite difficult to prepare this meal without your ever reliable kitchen, but there is always a way for you to pull off a lovely pasta meal even while on vacation. You can prepare the sauce at home ahead of time and put them air tight containers. Once in your vacation rental and everyone is requesting your signature pasta dish, you can simply cook the pasta, reheat your special sauce, throw in a a loaf of garlic bread and, voila, everyone is ready for one perfect vacation dinner.

Arezzo, Italy #207371

The chef doing a cooking lesson at this Arezzo vacation rental home.

6. Fresh fruit platters. Fruits are very versatile and you can prepare them in numerous ways for the family to enjoy. You can buy fruits that are in season in bulk at the local market and slice them up at the vacation rental. Have these in a big platter cooling in the fridge all day, ready for anyone who wants to munch on them to feel refreshed. You can also serve this at the dinner table or prepare small batches during snack time. If you like, you can even throw a batch in the freezer and use them for fresh and thirst quenching shakes the next day.

London, Westminster City #205337

A local market near this Westminster City accommodation is a great place to get fresh fruits and vegetables so you can prepare healthy meals for you and your family while you are on vacation.

7. Bring some wine – Don’t forget to bring along some wine with you so you can enjoy a cozy romantic night with your partner while the kids are busy with night activities or resting. Who says you can’t have a dash of romance on your vacation even when you have the kids with you?

Naramata, BC #10308

Enjoy a glass of wine while watching the sun set here at this Naramata vacation home.

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