Never lose your socks again!

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Never lose your socks again!

Full disclosure: We are not sponsored or in any way affiliated with the company whose products we feature here. We simply love them because we travel a lot and they have become indispensable. There might be other products around that achieve the same but in this “experience” report, we will focus on the products we know. We took the photos ourselves.


We have packed many bags and backpacks over the years. When you leave home, everything is usually very tidy and organized. After a few days of travelling, maybe multiple stops and destinations, or after unpacking at your destination, your luggage and clothing is not quite as tidy anymore. Have you been caught digging wildly through your duffle bag, trying to find that one missing sock or pair of underwear?

eaglecreek2Enter the Eagle Creek universe (@eaglecreekgear). This company has a wide array of products that are lightweight, affordable and help you stay organized and never lose your socks again. Their Specter Cubes help me keep socks, underwear or cables together. The bigger size Specter Cube also works really well as a pillow for backpacking (just stuff any clothing into it) while weighing nearly nothing.

If you have bulky clothing items such as jackets, pillows or thick sweaters, try their amazing compression sacs (in different sizes). A thick pile of clothing disappears into a thin airless layer within a minute – and stays that way (the one-way valves do not let air back in). It can save you a lot of space in your luggage, and I don’t travel anywhere without it.

eaglecreek4 eaglecreek5 eaglecreek6 eaglecreek8 eaglecreek9

We have not tried yet but are jealously eyeing Eagle Creek’s luggage solutions such as carry on’s and duffle bags. I admit to being especially fascinated by the “2-in-1” Morphus luggage solution. It turns from one bag into two, both solid and durable yet lightweight. Am I the only one that comes back from a visit to the parents with loads of chocolate and other goodies in my luggage (they live in Europe)? I would be in heaven if I could turn the one bag of clothing I bring into one bag of clothing and one bag of chocolate I return with 🙂

Within Eagle Creek’s product line, there are toiletry kits, travel wallets, laptop bags and much more. Every product is demonstrated in a video on their website. We encourage you to check out Eagle Creek, or find your own organization solutions. It will make a big difference for your next trip!

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