Money-saving tips while on vacation

Money-saving tips while on vacation

Money-saving tips while on vacation

Going on a vacation need not be as expensive as many people think. Some of the best travellers can afford to travel not because they have loads of extra funds lying around, but because they know some good money-saving tips. Here, we clue you in on these tips so you can look forward to planning your dream vacation without having to blow five months’ worth of your salary in the process!

Money-saving tip #1: Troll the web for coupons and discounts to attractions

Money-saving tips while on vacation Once you finalize your flight and vacation rental with the dates you plan to travel, your next step is to look for coupons, discounts or special offers on the sights and sounds that you want to experience. Scout the web for special offers on ticket discounts to a must-see show, half-offs on walking tours and other attractions. Remember: You do not always have to pay full price for tickets!

Money-saving tip #2: Bring water with you

One sneaky little budget sucker would be the beverage you order along with your meal during a particularly tiring outing. While it is never a good idea to skip beverages altogether, in order to save significant bucks you can still take a swig of water by toting a bottle of it wherever you go. Refill from the tap at your vacation home every morning. If you are travelling to a new destination and you are unsure of the quality of tap water, buy a water bottle with a built-in filter to strain out the minerals and other contents in it.

Money-saving tip #3: Split the specials

While no one wants to go hungry on a trip, it also does not mean you have to spend a lot in order to try the local delicacies. When ordering at a local restaurant, consider getting a sampling platter of popular dishes instead of one entrée a person. You and your whole group can pitch in, and everyone gets a taste of some local delights without feeling overly stuffed.

Money-saving tip #4: Download an app for the commute

Money-saving tips while on vacation

Getting around town will definitely cost money. It will be to your advantage if you download an app such as Waze and Moovitapp, that will not only tell you the shortest way to get to a particular destination, but also display the fare rates across a variety of public transportation. This way, you can weigh in on whether you have the time to wait for the next bus, and whether it is cheaper than taking a taxicab. On the flipside, if you are part of a good size group you can probably opt to take a cab and save more by pitching in on the one fare.

Money-saving tip #5: Prioritize what is free

And finally, when you are on vacation always consider putting the free attractions at a higher priority. You do not always need to look for paid activities or entertainment. For sure, wherever it is you are headed has some free yet worthwhile activities to partake in. Visit parks or tourist sites that will not cost you a cent, or be on the lookout for community activities that you can join without having to pay an entrance fee.

Though budget plays a big part in any travel plan, scouting for ways that will not hurt your pocket is a worthwhile endeavor. Always remember that no matter what you do, where you go, and how much you spend, the most important thing is that you are having fun and creating memories to last a lifetime!

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