Finding a place to stay with your pet


Finding a place to stay with your pet

Owner Direct Vacation Rentals offers many pet friendly lodging options to choose from. As each owner sets their own pet policy, there are many owners that do allow dogs and cats to stay at their vacation home. Just search for available vacation rentals with your dates to see a list of all available homes. Then select the Filter for Pet Friendly to filter the results.

Let’s face it, a very large number of us consider our beloved pet as one of the family. When traveling, many of us wouldn’t even think of taking our family vacation without including everyone. Even though Fido knows he’s a full fledged family member, your pet’s needs are very different when traveling. Here are some tips to consider for your pooch’s holiday.

Although it is common to bring our dogs along on family trips, we certainly understand that for pet lovers… any pet goes!

Bring your best friend along to La Quinta, CA #204398

Bring your best friend along to La Quinta, CA #204398

While the main topic of this article is about dogs, it by no means diminishes the fact that some of us prefer the company of our furry felines. The following tips and information provided below can easily be adapted for cats and for most other types of pets.

Remember, it’s all about the creature comforts. Happy and safe travels to all.

Since taking a road trip can be very stressful, careful consideration of your pups needs will reduce stress on all.

  • It is especially important if you and your family are taking a long road trip to prepare your pet before hand. Take your pet on some short outings first. Always use a secured, well ventilated pet approved carrier that not only protects your pet, but your family as well. You don’t want your pet to be loose, not only to hurt himself but your family. Ensure the carrier is large enough for your pet to turn around, stand up and stretch out when sleepy. Try and get your pet used to his new carrier at home, rather than waiting for the big day.
  • Prepare your pup’s own travel kit. Consider packing along a favourite toy or blanket, as this comforts them and makes them feel like they’re at home. Some important items would be: medication(s), leash, food, water, plastic bags and first aid kit.
  • In the event that you become separated from your pet, here are a few ideas to plan for ahead of time. It is extremely important to not only have your pet’s ID tag clearly marked, but consider a secondary tag specifically for traveling. Include your destinations contact info, as well as maybe your cell number. Take any and all precautions to make it easy for you and your pet to be reunited.
  • Try and feed your pet a few hours before you’re scheduled departure. It’s really not in anyone’s best interest to feed your pet while the vehicle is in motion. Stopping to provide your pet, as well as yourself, a chance to stretch and have a cold drink of water is also a good idea. Holding off on solids will be okay until you reach your destination.
  • NEVER leave your pet in your vehicle during the summertime, even if you are quickly running into a store. Your car instantly becomes a furnace, even with the windows down. A pet overheating and dying takes a matter of minutes. Parking in the shade isn’t the answer either, since the sun shifts. Always carry plenty of cold, fresh water when traveling. Another option is keeping ice chips in a thermos to give to your pet while driving, rather than open water bowls. You may even want to consider traveling at cooler times of the day.

Important: Please visit your veterinarian before making your journey. Also remember when traveling outside of your country it is best to check to see if you have proper papers in place, which your pet doctor will provide.

Visit Owner Direct to find pet friendly vacation rentals available in your choice of destination worldwide.

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