7 tips for a perfect lakeside getaway with the family


7 tips for a perfect lakeside getaway with the family

Summer is here! There is still time to plan a wonderful adventure with the family. With careful planning, enthusiasm to have a once in a lifetime outdoor experience, and a few more dollars left in the summer fund, I am sure you can organize this family getaway quickly.

Planning for a lakeside family vacation can get everyone excited! That’s why it’s important to keep a checklist of the essentials and the must-haves before you get carried away with planning. Here are a few tips you may want to consider in organizing that awesome lakeside getaway with the family:

  1. Choose your vacation spot carefully – It is easy to be overwhelmed by so many lakeside vacation homes and residences to choose from, but be careful to select something that will be worth your time and your money. It is also a must to consider your family’s convenience of traveling to your chosen vacation spot and back. Your family’s security while on vacation must also be of utmost importance, so choose a well-maintained and well guarded lakeside vacation home.

    Another day in our Okanagan paradise!

    Settle in at this large and beautiful 5 bedroom lakefront summer house perfect for large families. Being less than 1 minute from the nearest lake, this is truly an ideal lakeside vacation house. Vernon, BC #204745

  2. Look for a family-friendly lakeside home – It is important that you look for the most ideal vacation home that is ready to accommodate even the little members of your family. High chairs and other baby-friendly features will prove to be additional factors to win any mom over. Roomy and properly ventilated bedrooms where everyone can relax and retire during your stay are great choices. Unobstructed view of the beautiful scenery outside is also a great additional feature.

    Exterior of chalet, large fenced lawn for family play

    This rental features a huge yard where your family can have endless fun under the sun. Just a 5 minute walk away from Lake Windermere in Invermere, BC. #11086

  3. Kid-friendly amenities are a must – Fun water activities and toys, like kayaks and boats, water slides and kiddie pools, as well as a huge backyard playground where they can spend those afternoons not spent in the water, will also allow the children to enjoy the vacation to the fullest, which in turn should enable the adults to relax and enjoy the trip a bit more.


    Come and enjoy this beautiful family home nestled between Mara and Shuswap Lakes in Sicamous, BC. The area is legendary for its boating, water sports, fishing, hiking, beaches, and of course sledding in the winter time. #207174

  4. Don’t mind paying extra for a spectacular view – If a lakefront vacation home charges extra for the scenic view of the lake and the beautiful surrounding, go for it. Only a few things are more enjoyable than marveling at the spectacular view while dining alfresco or while having your early morning coffee. It is a precious and priceless experience that is worth a little premium.

    Lakeside villa with private boat moorage

    Beautiful gated lakeside villa with private beach and your own boat slip on a secure private dock. #202333

  5. Enjoy the great outdoors – Your lakeside getaway is a perfect opportunity for you to nurture your children’s love of the great outdoors. So let the kids enjoy a bit more by pitching up a tent where they can sleep outside. Enhance the experience by fixing up a campfire and preparing s’mores for everyone to enjoy. Going through rounds of everyone’s favorite scary story ought to make this outdoor experience all the more memorable.
  6. Go for a rental with a full-sized kitchen or a patio – It is ideal if you find a lakeside home that has a full-size kitchen to make sure that you will have a big enough space to prepare for and have family meals. That way you are all more comfortable. Also, a patio is a great addition so that you can eat your meals or snacks outdoors instead of being inside. In addition, going to the nearby market so you can shop for raw ingredients and cook your own meal would prove to be another worthwhile experience. Include the little ones in the activities so you can bond while preparing your meals.

    Relax on the patio

    Relax on the patio and enjoy unhurried and long meals with your family and loved ones. #59216

  7. Document your family getaway – Whether you plan to go on more family getaways in the future or this one might be the first and only you might take as a family for the next few years, it is best that you document it as much as you can by taking as many photos as possible. Photograph your vacation home and the beautiful view, as well as the many discoveries and adventures you and your family will make. A DSLR camera may not be mobile enough while you are on the go so it is also advisable to bring a smaller point-and-shoot or take photos using your phones and tablets. Apart from taking photos, bringing home something tangible from your trip will also be a perfect memento of the lovely experience (and often perfect to include in your travel scrapbook). Little knick knacks like rocks found in the lake or lovely looking leaves from your trail walks would be interesting stuff to include in your scrapbook.
Parker Cove beach and pier

This family home on a Lake in New York, Adirondacks ID 201294 is certainly a perfect place to stay when traveling with a large group such as the entire family. Enjoy a private dock in front of the house that gets direct sunlight all day with beautiful mountain views.

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