5 more benefits of renting a vacation home

5 more benefits of renting a vacation home

5 more benefits of renting a vacation home

When it comes to family holidays, Disney World, Italy, San Diego, Vancouver, Puerto Vallarta and ski resorts across British Columbia are some of the top destinations offering great family fun. However, when going to these places it can be often difficult to find a great place to stay that isn’t cramped or one-off rooms and suites. Hotel accommodations tend to be very expensive as families or groups will have to rent several rooms to accommodate everyone. Fortunately there are vacation homes for rent – great for families and groups of friends to use when they are on a vacation.

Previously, we cited several reasons why ski condo rentals are better than hotel accommodations when heading to the mountains for a ski trip. In this article, we will give you 5 more benefits of renting a vacation home.

1. All the amenities of the home

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Renting a vacation home can feel like you never left home in the first place. Or even better – stepping into a nice, clean home with everything you need. Vacation homes come with the usual home amenities not normally seen in hotel rooms. Enjoy a full bathroom (or more), a fully equipped kitchen, possibly laundry facilities and all the other things needed to help your stay be as comfortable as ever. Now who doesn’t like a full pot of coffee in the morning?

2. Kid-friendly

Vacation homes are also quite large in comparison to hotel rooms. This extra space is great for kids to have their own space to play. The average vacation home usually rented out to visitors is around 2,000 sq. ft. while hotel rooms are often 325 sq. ft. alone. Some vacation homes can even accommodate groups of 20 to 30 and still have enough space for children to roam around and play. Some owners and property managers even offer amenities like board games, playgrounds or toys for their kid visitors to enjoy.

3. Privacy and Quiet

Vacation home rentals are very private and quiet as compared to hotel rooms. Many hotel rooms can be hard pressed to find complete quiet as noises from next door or in the hall way may last until the wee hours of the morning. Generally there are quiet time rules allocated to certain hours.

Since vacation homes are actual homes, you can find that secluded location to enjoy some peace and quiet. Find a home away from neighbors so that you can chat all night long or enjoy some peace and quiet while taking in the environment around you. Privacy and security are important in vacation rentals, especially the ones located in private subdivisions and condominium complexes.

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4. Enjoy the Extras

In hotels, it is often noted that requesting extra services like the internet, parking, and others can have an extra fee that can add up for guests. Most vacation home rentals, you will be able to enjoy extra amenities like swimming pools, internet access, parking, and others for included in the total cost. Some vacation homes even have services such as catering or grocery delivery for guests, rental car reservations, tour packages and an in-home massage services. All this besides mentioning the extras of a fully equipped kitchen, laundry facilities, and extra bathrooms.

5. Unique

Hotel rooms can be rather bland and boring. They often have one theme that matches the  lobby. If you keep staying on the same room or hotel each time you bring your family or friends on a vacation, you may find yourself bored just by looking at the décor of your hotel. However, vacation homes often have various themes per room and each time you rent one, there is always something new to look forward to. Each one unique and as different as each owner.

To fully enjoy spending quality time together with your family or friends, it is best to stay will all of them under one roof without any barriers. Vacation rental homes offer just that. Relax, have fun and create magical memories on your next trip away from home.  Where do you want to stay?






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