5 items to add to your bucket list

Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience.

5 items to add to your bucket list

A very famous writer once said that life is either one daring adventure or nothing at all. After all, we only live once and life is too short to waste every minute of it whining, pining, and wondering what it would be like to do it all over again. It is a must that we hold the reigns of our lives and that we seize each day by savoring every moment of it and turning what you would expect to be a boring and run off the mill day into something worthy of a Time Magazine cover.

Creating your own bucket list and doing everything within your power to realize and achieve each of the items on your list will prove to be a very worthwhile ambition for your life. Fill your list with one daring adventure after another, as well as with things and items that you always meant to do but never found the time. Stick to your list and make sure to find the time to tick each of them off one by one.

A bucket list may vary from person to person, but the basic things that normally land on anyone’s list include going on an adventure of a lifetime, traveling around uncharted territories and challenging yourself to new experiences. Depending on a person’s interests, background and priorities in life, other things that may be included in one’s bucket list may also include learning a new skill, doing something charitable, joining a well known sporting event or improving one’s lifestyle.

Here are a few of the things you might want to consider when drafting your very first bucket list:

See as much of the world as you can – There are just so many beautiful things in the world to see, feel and experience so make sure that you travel as much as you can in your life. It might be quite a lofty goal to aim to see every country in the world, but you can probably settle on visiting a country or two in each of the continents. Marvel at the special beauty of Asia and fall in love with Thailand, explore the ancient and timeless pyramids in Egypt, or frolic on the beautiful beaches of the Caribbean.

Cabarete, Dominican Republic #64591

A beautiful waterfront property in Cabarete Dominican Republic, Caribbean, that showcases magnificent view of the Bay of Cabarete from all rooms and terraces.

Learn a second or a third language – Traveling to France or Spain will be all the more pleasurable if you know how to speak French and Spanish, but whether you intend to travel the world or not, learning a foreign language will prove to be very beneficial. It sure is a thrill to learn how to speak in another language and speak to locals with confidence. The skill will also come handy should you plan to switch careers and apply as an interpreter.

South Coast of France, France

Travel to the South Coast of France and immerse in their language and culture.

Live a healthier life – Much has been said about taking care of one’s health and doing so will allow us to enjoy life a little bit longer without the worry of being sick, being indisposed and without the hassle of having to take medications. There are so many things you can do, should you decide to finally lead a healthier lifestyle. You can join a number of healthy activities like running, attending a yoga class or going to the gym to help you with your daily exercise routine. Apart from engaging in physical activities to help you reduce or maintain your ideal weight, you can also learn healthier recipes to cook and prepare at home to jump start you healthy eating. If you can afford it, going on trips to help you enhance your well being and over all wellness, like enjoying the hot springs of Japan, for example, will also be a good idea.

Kyoto Honshu Japan ID 201666

Here’s a perfect lodging if you decide to head to Japan. This is found in Kyoto and it’s a traditional Japanese townhouse which is near temples, restaurants and shrines. Click here to find out more

Engage in extreme sports – Be daring and be bold in life, remember you only live once. Put your fear aside and be ready to push yourself to the limits. If you did not have the courage to try any exhilarating or adventurous sport in the past, now is probably the right time to do so. The adrenalin rush from skydiving, white water rafting, or skiing in Canada, will be worth every tinge of fear.

Radium Hot Springs, BC #107930

Snowmobiling on some back country trails outside Radium Hot Springs. #107930

Do something new whenever you can – Life will be so much more exciting if you make it a point to do something you have never done before to keep things interesting and fresh. You can try couch surfing so you can afford to travel to different top destinations like Italy or Jamaica with a limited budget, or you can try volunteering and experience how rewarding it is to do service to those who are in need. Keeping a garden, apart from giving you fresh and organic fruits, will also prove to be relaxing and therapeutic.

“Once a year go someplace you’ve never been before”
~ Dalai Lama

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