5 Easy Home Security Tips for Travelers

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5 Easy Home Security Tips for Travelers

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Travelers should realize that a home burglary may happen at any time. According to the FBI, in the United States, home burglaries occur every 20 seconds. Travelers who want some peace of mind while vacationing may want to employ a few basic best practices to make a home less inviting to such a danger.

How can you protect your home and your most valuable possessions while away on vacation?

Aside from investing in a home security system, there are a number of ways you can protect your home and possessions. Learn about 5 basic home security tips for travelers today.

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Create a Routine

Get in the habit of turning on an alarm system, locking doors and shutting/securing windows every time you leave home. Such a habit makes it less likely that you will leave a window open or forget to set the alarm when setting out for a vacation. In addition, do not leave spare keys outside in common areas such as under the welcome mat or a planter. As an alternative, leave a set with a trusted family member or neighbor who can also visit periodically to water the plants or pick up the mail to make it look like the home is currently occupied and deter potential burglars.

Make It Hard for Criminals to Hide

As criminals generally prefer privacy as they scope out a property or work to enter a home, you can do much with your landscape to reduce the likelihood that such individuals will be able to hide easily. Clear away overgrown areas and look for spots that can potentially hide a thief. Address such areas, and cut back or remove such landscaping or features around entry points around the home.

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Talk to Your Neighbors

Let trusted neighbors know of your travel plans. Leave your number with them in the case of any suspicious activity around the home.

Add Motion-Sensitive Fixtures

If you do not plan on having someone come by regularly while you are away, it is a good idea to consider the ways to use lights to deter thieves. Motion-sensitive fixtures outside the home provide illumination and also add security to the perimeter of a home. In addition, a smart light bulb and automatic timers can be used to turn lights on or off from a remote location. This can give the appearance of activity within a home while homeowners are away. An added bonus is that smart technology like this can increase your property value and possibly lower your home insurance rates.

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Make a Plan for Long-Term Travel

Will you be away for more than a week? Travelers staying away for a month or more may want to have the post office hold all mail and ask a neighbor or friend to remove any flyers or packages from the property. Vacationers should stop any subscriptions for the time period or have them picked up. Avoid scheduling any deliveries during this period as newly-delivered boxes remaining on the steps may invite thieves and be a red flag indicating a homeowner is away. Basic maintenance of the property should also be addressed. Consider arranging for lawn mowing and snow removal during a long vacation.

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Protect Your Home

There are a number of ways to protect the valuables and sentimental items within a home from potential burglars. A wireless security system is another option generally recommended for homeowners. However, even the basic steps above can make a home a less likely target for a break-in and burglary.

U.S. News and World Report, the global leader in rankings and consumer advice, has recently launched rankings of home security systems. In addition to ranking the best home security systems, their coverage includes key information for consumers on why home security is important, and the best ways to keep their home, and everyone in it, safe and secure.” – usnews.com/360-reviews/home-security

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