Your Second Home, Your Second Source of Income

Your second home, your second source of income

Your Second Home, Your Second Source of Income

It’s a luxury to own a second home, but did you know that it can also be a source of income when you’re not using it? Almost all owners do it – either for the times when they’re not using it or even as their first source of income! There’s no better time than the present to try listing your home as a vacation rental since it’s gaining popularity, not just for family vacations, but among independent travelers as well.  But how can you start earning from your second home?

1. List your property on a trusted vacation rental website

List with a vacation rental site you can trust

List with a vacation rental site you can trust

You won’t want to seek out tenants yourself all the time, right? Ask help from professionals! Online listing platforms have a high number of users searching for places to stay. Plus, listing with the right company may be considered a good investment and you’d want to make the most of it. There are tons of popular listing websites, but listing your vacation home rental with Owner Direct Vacation Rentals has advantages. First off, you can list your property for free and only pay when you get a booking! Let’s not forget that they provide you benefits and convenient tools to manage your Owner Direct property listing.

Go with a company that cares

Go with a company that cares

Owner Direct boasts a stronghold in the vacation rental industry being around since 1994, helping guests find the right vacation rental home. They help you market your home rental to thousands of travelers from around the globe, answer all emails and phone calls, and reach you when guests are ready to book (since they will directly book with you). Owner Direct finalizes the booking once you and the guests have an agreement. Any inquiries from the guests before, during, and after their stay will be handled by Owner Direct as you 24/7 customer representative.

A company that's with you all the way

A company that’s with you all the way

According to Marketing Director for Owner Direct Vacation Rentals, Andrea Lamond, “Owner Direct is made up of 69% single vacation homeowners, and 31% of Property Managers owning two or more rentals; and Owner Direct owners earn from $22 to $43,600 per year, with an average of $4,100/year”.

2. Use high-quality photos in your vacation rental listing

Now that you’ve listed your vacation rental with a trustworthy online listing company, what do you need next? Photos that should reflect the amenities, location, and qualities of the home. Stage photos with the right lighting and angles to “make people feel like this is the best place that they could stay when they’re traveling to their destination”. If it’s possible to hire a professional to take photos of your vacation home, do it. Those photos will be the reference for your guests when deciding if your vacation home fits their needs (clean, spacious, safe and secure, etc.)

Capture as much of each room as you can and be clear as possible because reviews of disappointed travelers can hurt you more than missing out on a few booking for being honest.

3. Write catchy captions and descriptions

Next to those photos is a great headline that is descriptive and specific. Highlight what makes your home unique, while also clearly spelling out what guests want to know. Write enough that you cover all bases, but not so much that guests are deterred from reading it.

Just imagine yourself giving a virtual home tour to guests. Let them know the best features of your vacation home, making it a chance to showcase what separates your listings from others’. Technically speaking, the captions also communicate to search engine bots what your photos are all about, which increases the chance of your listing’s showing on search results.

See? It doesn’t require much effort on your part to make money off of your vacation home. Listing and renting on sites like Owner Direct Vacation Rentals has become incredibly popular in the past few years, and won’t end anytime soon. So, what are you waiting for? Take the time to do some research, get your listing up and running with Owner Direct, and start earning. Simple and easy!

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