How to write a property description that gets bookings

How to write a property description that gets bookings

How to write a property description that gets bookings

There is no doubt great photos and detailed yet concise descriptions are key to getting your vacation rental booked. We have covered creating quality photos here and here, so let’s now dive into writing your listing’s property description including some DOs and DON’Ts.

Step 1. Make a list.

When writing your property description, it is helpful to write everything that comes to your mind to start. I suggest you do this on your computer so the following steps are as easy as cut and paste. Don’t worry about writing proper paragraphs at this point. There is  no right and wrong. Just jot down a list of all things about your property in bullet points. A brainstorming session if you will.

Step 2. Classify.

Once you’re done with the list, go ahead and classify every bullet point according to area of your property. For example, all that applies to the living area should go under the ‘Living Area’ section. Order the list if you can in a way that one enters the property and area. If you include having a beautiful hand-carved front door, begin with that before moving on to the large leather couch, etc.

Step 3. Write your draft property description.

After classifying your list, it’s now time to make your first draft. Reword or rephrase each bullet point to create complete sentences that would comprise a paragraph for every area of your property. 

Step 4. Make a good first impression, and a lasting one as well.

Make an introduction for your description. Remember to put your best foot forward to make a good first impression. This is what makes your property standout among the competition. Also add this in your listing’s title. For example, the main features of your property may be the best things you love about it. Include the most popular nearby attractions and the distance (or travel time) from your property. Include activities your guests can do for every season.

The last paragraph should also make a lasting impression. Add a catchy call to action, and a list of all the free perks, amenities and by-request services you may have for your property. Include discount promotions if applicable, and summarize some rental conditions you may have.

Step 5. Finalize the property description.

Reorder the rest of the paragraphs according to which comes first, just like giving a friend a tour around. Merge paragraphs when applicable. Then make good use of the DOs and DONT’s below. Add some things you may have missed adding. Remove unnecessary things you may have included.

Write similar to conversing with a friend (without cursing, of course). Keep sentences as short as possible. Don’t use words that require an average reader to check the definition in a dictionary. No slang words either.
Be detailed YET concise. Ideally, your property’s description should be at least 150 words and a maximum of 300. Don’t elaborate on every little detail, just the main features of your property. Many users browse on their mobile devices so extra long descriptions may bore them or make them leave instantly.
Pay attention to your grammar. Properly constructed sentences convey you’re a professional renting your property. Have someone read and review your description before putting it up on your listing. Don’t use a passive voice when writing your sentences. While passive voice is grammatically correct, it is not the best way to phrase your thoughts. Use the active voice and excite your potential guests. You want them to take action and book your property right away.
For example, ‘Magnificent views from this house. ‘ is better than ‘This house has a magnificent view.’
Focus on your potential guests – how could they have the perfect vacation while staying in your property? Don’t bore your potential guests with things that they wouldn’t care about at all such as how you had a blast spending your last summer vacation in your property.
Try to invoke a state of feeling. Paint a picture in their minds. What would it be like when they book your property? Will they be surrounded by nature? Will they hear the ocean waves? Will they have fun? Will they feel calm and relaxed? Don’t leave your guests guessing whether they will enjoy staying on your property or not. Tell them exactly what they will get when they rent your property!



Need inspiration? Here are a few listings with great descriptions.

Luxury 5-Star Chalet on Tremblant Resort, ID#82472

Luxury 5-Star Chalet on Tremblant Resort, ID#82472

Spacious 2nd level town home with large covered private balcony and patio heater , ID#225203

Spacious 2nd level town home with large covered private balcony and patio heater , ID#225203

Spectacular ocean view from master bedroom, dining room, living area and kitchen, ID#225202

Spectacular ocean view from master bedroom, dining room, living area and kitchen in Parksville, BC , ID#225202


There you have it. We hope you update your listing’s property description with these helpful tips. Let us know how the writing goes for you.




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