How to write catchy captions for your property’s photos

How to write catchy captions for your propertys photos

How to write catchy captions for your property’s photos

You have already learned about writing a property description that gets bookings here. Now let’s move on to how to write catchy captions for your property’s photos.

“A picture is worth a thousand words” but it’s definitely not everything for a vacation rental listing. That’s why in addition to your creating great photos (read here and here), you also need to write the perfect description for your property. And in order to truly maximize your property’s photos, you should also add the best caption to each one of them. Why? Because…

  1. Some potential guests don’t go down into the description when the photos do not ‘speak’ to them. Hence, having poor photos plus no caption or poor captions can really sabotage your vacation rental listing.
  2. Captions are a great way to engage potential guests in their virtual tour of your property.
  3. Pointing out the details that separate your listings from others’ is best when it’s captioned right over the photos.
  4. Captions, when done correctly, help communicate with search engine bots with respect to what your photo is all about. Meaning, your vacation rental listing’s chance of showing on search results increases.

So, how do you write catchy captions for your property’s photos?

Avoid the obvious. Yes, the photo clearly shows your vacation rental’s dining area, but you don’t have to caption it with just ‘Dining area.’ Add more value to your dining area. Include what makes it special, what’s in it that will make the potential guest’s stay more meaningful, etc.

Write catchy captions for your property’s photos in Owner Direct

Breakfast Dining Area Overlooking the Pool, ID#81346

Engage your potential guests. Get their interests. Ask yourself, why would people want to visit your location? And what makes staying in your property their perfect vacation ever?

Write catchy captions for your property’s photos in Owner Direct

The Rec Room is Fully Finished/Heated, with Tv, Xm Stereo, Nintendo, Ping Pong, Fitness Equipment, Bumper Pool, Poker and More. ID# 208432

Maximize the number of characters allowed for photo captions. Do not miss out on any opportunity to have your property rented. Less is more may be applicable sometimes but if you must, use every character to your property’s advantage.

Write catchy captions for your property’s photos in Owner Direct

Pool with spa backs onto a natural reserve. Bush partition on both sides offers top privacy at this luxury villa. ID# 206639

Include the type of property (condo, apartment, or house), location, some popular things to do, etc. where appropriate. This will allow search engine bots to index your photos. So when potential guests ask Google for images of ‘vacation house in Hawaii near Kona,’ your photo will have a chance of showing on images search results. Your photos will also be Pinterest-ready with the captions becoming the default descriptions of a user’s pins.

*Captions on photos are actual captions from vacation rental listings. You may check them out for inspiration.

We hope this helps you nail writing captions of your property’s photos. If you haven’t added captions to your photos yet, start writing now. If you already did, update the captions as per our suggestions. Eventually, you will see that captions really matter.

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