12 Vacation Rental Blunders You Must Avoid

12 Vacation Rental Blunders You Must Avoid

12 Vacation Rental Blunders You Must Avoid

There is a fine line between your home and your vacation rental home – they are different. The first is the home where you actually live, while the second is where you try your best to have that ‘at home’ vibe so it gets rented by vacationers. This difference is a good thing if you know it, and it can be detrimental to your business if you don’t.

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While you don’t usually let these blunders happen to your own home, in some cases, especially when the vacation rental is not professionally managed, you …

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  1. Forget or neglect cleaning the nooks and crevices of cabinets and drawers in the kitchen and bedrooms, and the sofa in the living area.
  2. Keep blunt knives, rusty utensils, and mismatched or cracked plates and bowls in the kitchen drawers or cabinets.
  3. Miss taking out the used filter in the coffeemaker or removing the hairs on the drain.
  4. Do not check for faulty appliances, light switches, plumbing, etc.
  5. ‘Store’ your broken furniture and appliances in your vacation rental home.
  6. Do not clean stains and spills on your mattresses and pillows.
  7. Do not replace flat pillows, torn bed sheets and shower curtains, and ratty towels.
  8. Do not wipe dust and fingerprints off furniture (e.g. foyer tables), glass and windows.
  9. Have a locked cabinet or drawer somewhere with all your personal belongings (e.g. your underwear, toothbrush, etc.).
  10. Keep an outdated tourist map and guide that will only confuse your guests.
  11. Leave behind your family belongings and heirlooms, such as your photo album on the shelves or your grandma-made throws.  
  12. Leave your To Do List and Reminders on the fridge’s door.

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These things sometimes go unnoticed but are definitely big no-no’s. Guests expect your home to offer more than what hotels have (e.g. more space, extra room, privacy, etc.) and that is to be their home away from home minus the clutter and mess. So make sure you avoid these 12 vacation rental blunders.

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