Property not Pinterest-ready? You’re missing out!


Property not Pinterest-ready? You’re missing out!

Online marketing is BIG on visuals. And if it’s social media focused on images that we’re looking for, then there is nothing like Pinterest. A ‘catalog of ideas’ as put by Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann, Pinterest inspires, if not sparks thousands of ideas, that the word ‘pinspired’ was born.

With over 70 million pinners and a combined total of over 30 million pins, it would be a great lost for any business to miss out on Pinterest. The fast growing number of pinners use boards for several purposes — from DIY inspirations and theme creations to planning a party or travel, and more. In the case of vacation rentals, the pinners we want to reach out to are the travel planners who can turn into potential renters.

We’ve already touched a little on adding Pinterest-ready catchy captions to your property’s photos here.

Now let’s dig into it and get your property Pinterest-ready.

#1 Make sure you have high quality great images. Read here and here.

#2 Optimize your images for Pinterest. Here are some facts from a Curalate infographic on optimizing your images for more re-pins:

  • Images that are reddish-orange get roughly twice as many re-pins than images that are blue.
  • Images with multiple dominant colors have 3.25 times more re-pins than single dominant color images.
  • Images with medium lightness are re-pinned 20 times more than very dark images.
  • Images that are 50% saturated have 10 times more re-pins than very unsaturated images.
  • Vertical images with an aspect ratio between 2:3 and 4:5 get 60% more re-pins than very tall images.
  • Images with less than 10% background receive 2-4 times more re-pins than images with more than 40% background.
  • Images with a smooth texture are re-pinned 17 times more than images with a rough texture.
  • Brand images without faces receive 23% more re-pins than images with faces.

Let’s get detailed with the vertical images. Most of the images of property listings on Owner Direct are in the landscape orientation. However, pinners favor pinning vertical images. Putting this into consideration, it’s important to toss in a few vertical images on your property listings, preferably with an aspect ratio between 2:3 and 4:5.

Here’s how both vertical and horizontal images look on our Pinterest boards (and feeds as well).

Vancouver Island Vacation RentalsVancouver Island Vacation Rentals Pinterest Board

Luxury Vacation Rentals
Luxury Vacation Rentals Pinterest Board

Ski Vacation Rentals
Ski Vacation Rentals Pinterest Board

The horizontal images definitely don’t fare well compared to vertical ones, right? Which is the point of having the vertical images.

#3 Add Pinterest-ready catchy captions to your images. Read here.

Finally, don’t forget to engage with us on Pinterest. If you don’t have Pinterest account yet, then now is your time to secure one. Pin your property’s images in as many appropriate boards as possible. Follow us and some of our boards. Repin our pins every once a while, most specially when it’s your property! Or let us know if you want us to pin your property on any of our boards. As always, we’d love to hear from you.

We hope to see more vertical images, so get them up and running today!


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