Property Photos


Property Photos

A picture = 1000 words!

The visual impression your property gives to potential guests on a listing website is the most critical one when presenting your property. In the marketing of your unit, nothing is more important than your property photos! The higher the quality of photos, the more bookings.

Consider the following:

  • Use a good quality digital camera
  • Get up on a ladder or chair for optimal perspectives (see details below)
  • Make sure each shot is well thought out: informative, appealing, attractive, etc.
  • Remove all clutter before taking the picture
  • Decide whether you want blinds and curtains open or closed
  • Turn on the fireplace if available
  • Set up the dining room table with a full setting before taking a picture
  • Take pictures of all rooms, views, the outside, the yard, activities, nearby attractions … a photo of everything that can help a prospective guest decide to book your unit.

Added bonus: Show a floor plan

A floor plan gives your prospective guest additional information and one more reason to pick your vacation home. Do you have a copy of the architect’s original plans or the property’s sales literature? A layman’s sketch is not good enough so you will have to get some professional help. To keep the cost down, an artist can work from your rough sketch, showing each room’s approximate dimensions.

Does the unit with the most and best photos win?

Usually. Good photos often make the difference. It is important that you supply a good selection of photos. A guest trying to decide between two similar units will usually choose the one with the most photos. Furthermore, some guests conclude that the owner with only a few photos has something to hide. Having good photos of your vacation unit is one of the most important things you can do to increase your bookings.


Try to illuminate the room you are taking a picture of as much as possible. Turn on all the lights, use a flash and even use spot lights or trouble lights to reflect light off the ceiling to further enhance the details of your rooms. Experiment as much as possible until you see results that you know your guests will be pleased with.

All of the Rooms

Provide additional photos rather than just the feature parts of your unit. Show all of the rooms, the view, the entry. Take pictures from every angle. Your guest wants to understand all aspects: parking, roads and trails, views, storage, and so on. Don’t just tell guests how great your vacation unit is, show them!

Virtual Tour

Unfortunately, we are unable to support this technology at this point.


Using maps as one of your unit photos is not recommended, since they might not be easy to read and your property listing already includes a map view on Owner Direct.

Complex and activities

We receive many questions about each complex, so photos of the building are also important. The guests like to see photos of the building where the rental unit is located, especially if there are common areas such as hot tubs, swimming pools, ski lockers etc. Do you have outside and inside photos? It really pays to include photos of the areas of interest to your guests: beaches, entrances, lobbies, hot tub areas, recreational areas, swimming pool, ski and snowboard waxing room, conference room, and so on.

Higher and wider perspective

It is a good idea to use a step ladder or chair to take your inside photos from a higher vantage point. Also a wide-angle lens can be more descriptive. Whenever you shoot a room, remember to start wide and then move in for closer shots. Multiple angle shots in a large room such as a living room are a good idea. “Sell” your vacation home with some staging. Two wine filled glasses by the hot tub or a vase of flowers on the kitchen table add subtle touches.


Our listing site allows you to add captions to your photos. This can add context and detail to your photos, and is always very helpful for guests. Descriptive captions could be: View of the ocean; Master bedroom lower level; ski locker; the deck that faces the mountains; comfortable furnishings.

Lastly, make sure to pick your “feature” picture carefully. It will be the first photo potential guests see in the property listings when they search for a property.

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