Other Items to Include in Your Vacation Rental Home

Other Items to Include in your Vacation Rental

Other Items to Include in Your Vacation Rental Home

Your vacation home is a unique place. For starters, it’s not a place where you spend a lot of time, especially if you rent it out. When you list your vacation home as a rental, you want to make sure it’s appealing to a wide range of people.

This means including the essentials and beyond so your guests are comfortable and that they enjoy their stay in your home. While you likely have the basics, since you occupy your vacation home at some point too, you should really look around with a critical eye and think like a guest.

If you need some inspiration, here are some suggestions of things you should consider including:

Extra Towels and Sheets

Even though you probably already have towels and sheets at your vacation home that you use, consider buying some extra. Things happen and both of these items have the potential to get ruined. Having some as a backup will allow your guests to use them and stop you from having to run to the store and then bring new ones over.

First aid kit available at this modern apartment rental #250635
First aid kit available at this modern apartment rental #250635

Basic Medical Supplies

Medical emergencies happen. Even if your guests didn’t come prepared for them, you can make sure to have everything they may need. While this isn’t a necessity, it’s a nice touch that your guests will greatly appreciate if it’s needed. Instead of buying one that’s premade, opt to make your own first aid kit by filling it with essentials. Your DIY kit will have more to offer than a basic premade one and you can tailor it to injuries based on your location. For example a beach house will mean people are more likely to get sunburned, while a wooded cabin will likely be more inclined for bug bites.

Insulated Curtains

There are many benefits to including insulated curtains in your vacation home decor. While these are mostly thought of for the winter time to keep the cold air out, they are actually useful year round. During warmer months they can help keep the inside cool and keep heat out. Some can also help muffle any noise coming in or out of the house, which is especially helpful if your house is in a louder area.

Top encore resort home near Disney #234420
Different sized beds offers options for families.

Different Sized Beds

You want to make sure your vacation home is accommodating to as wide a variety of people as possible. Whether it be families, couples or groups of friends, you want to have a variety of sleeping options. Having different sized beds allows you to be most accommodating to all different types and quantities of guests. Make sure the beds are comfortable; the best way to do that is with new mattresses. Especially consider getting new twin mattresses since they will get used by the widest variety of people, from kids to single adults, which can lead to some malformation over time.

Multiple Surge Protectors

If the group renting your vacation home has a lot of people, they’re going to need a lot of outlets. It’s very likely that every single one of them will have a cell phone, some will bring a laptop or tablet, plus there’s grooming tools. To avoid overcrowding your home’s outlets, and even an accidental electrical fire, be sure to have a good amount of surge protectors in your home. Now your guests will have all the safe access to plugs they could possibly need.

Luxury Villa with Air-Con Theater and Game-Room in Kissimmee, FL #203426
Luxury villa with air-conditioning, theater and games room in Kissimmee, FL #203426

Fun Entertainment Options

Rainy days are inevitable. We all know what it’s like to lose a day of fun to the weather. To help your guests combat boredom, have some options on hand for at-home entertainment. This could mean a well stocked DVD collection, a Netflix account specifically for the vacation home, some old school board games or even just a list of suggestions for rainy day activities around town. Your guests will appreciate the effort, especially if they do encounter some bad weather on their trip.

Your vacation home is a retreat. Both for you when you’re in residence, and for those you rent it out to. Families and friends are going to remember your home and the experience they had there for years to come. Having these items, even if they’re for emergencies, will help set the foundation for a fun and memorable vacation. Read more about how details do make a difference.

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