Furniture and decorations

Nice decor!

Furniture and decorations

Make your guests feel at home with your choice of furniture and decorations

Have you noticed that many vacation rentals have big inviting couches, soothing art work and natural wall colours and accessories? Generally speaking, it helps people relax and feel at home. Sure, there is the occasional super-modern, black and white and grey masterpiece as well. But to appeal to the “masses”, it’s best to keep it neutral. Our recommendations?

Tasteful Furnishings

Have you ever been tempted to use old furniture from your home? If you have rented out your home before, you know that your guests are expecting quality furnishings, linens, interior design etc. (see our post on white sheets) – not leftovers from your main residence. Your choices impact directly the rates you can charge and your levels of occupancy. Your vacation home should have quality furniture that stands the test of time (neutral and tasteful) and is stain resistant and easily cleaned – The best cleaning service cannot help if your furniture materials stain easily and are hard to get back to its original splendour. Then make sure you take good quality photos of your furniture to “advertise” your choices.
Just a few pieces of furniture will not excite your guests. You should spend some time and effort making it look welcoming and warm. The first rule is to avoid clutter. Wall decorations can make your vacation home appealing if you don’t overdo it and if you make sure that you coordinate the look.

Tasteful furnishings

Also, when you provide the little touches such as vases, bookshelves, nice art and even luxury items (chocolates, coffee, flowers, etc) you will make your guest(s) feel special and they are more likely to respect your vacation home. In addition, decorating around a theme is a good idea. This often relates to the home’s surroundings, which could be “Mountain cabin feel” or “Coastal”.

Annual Review

So you have decorated once … many years ago. Maybe it is time to re-evaluate? Check if the furniture still looks pleasant and inviting. Vacation rental furniture does get used a lot, and nothing lasts forever. Part of your revenues should be set aside for renovations and redecorating. So at least annually, take a look and replace some of the old with new.
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