Creating the best experience possible

Creating the best experience possible

Creating the best experience possible

Maximizing your guests’ experience

In the competitive vacation rental market, small details can make a huge difference. For example, guests might choose one property over another just because of the suggestions for nearby activities provided, or the toys to keep the kids occupied. It is critical to do all you can to create the best experience possible for your guests. For that reason, consider adding a few extras to your unit, and it may pay back in added bookings.

Provide high chairs free of charge Property #70232

Provide high chairs free of charge

  • Books and magazines of local interest, such as history and guide books about the area.
  • A library of paperbacks for quiet evenings.
  • A binder with the following:
    • Local dining suggestions with price levels.
    • A list of recommended activities in the areas, possibly split by family activities, sports and cultural experiences.
    • Ideas for all-weather excursions and things to do with children.
    • Local area knowledge, such as favorite spots, hidden beaches, best cafe.
  • Board games and decks of cards.
  • Toys for children, inside and outside.
  • Electronic game devices for children.
  • A computer with an internet connection, or just wireless.
  • Microwave popcorn bags and/or specialty coffee packs.
  • First aid kit.
  • Instruction booklet for emergencies, including how to respond to potential dangers in area.
  • Lots of extras (toilet paper, tissues, fresh bars of soap or liquid soap).
  • A full assortment of condiments and spices.
  • A flower arrangement on the dining table.
Call Immediately

Call Immediately

Build a rapport with each guest for the best experience

It is also recommended to create a relationship with your guests as soon as you can. The more you do for your guests and the more you talk to them, the more they will respect you and your unit. Here are our suggestions:

Call immediately
As soon as your receive your “Notice of Match”, phone your guest and start building a rapport. They will be impressed by your prompt service and you will minimize the chance of playing telephone tag.

Call again – before their arrival
Call them one or two more times before they arrive. Ask them if they have any more questions.

Call again … when they are at your unit
If you have a phone in your unit, call your guests soon after they check in and ask them if everything is okay. It is a good policy to ask before they have to call you with a problem.

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