7 Ways to engage with us on social media

7 Ways to engage with us on social media

7 Ways to engage with us on social media

Let’s talk about online socialization.

Socializing is valuable in growing any business. For online rental companies like us and property owners like you, socializing on the internet is vital. You can thrive amidst competition when you become good at it. Your business may eventually die if you don’t. This is our current reality. And will still be in the future.

The online socialization game is tough these days. There are several social media giants that ‘demand’ our presence or we’ll miss connecting to our guests and potential guests. These social media’s algorithms change every so often and we need to catch up every time. Since getting followers engaged matters for all social media, we put together 7 ways to engage with us in social media for you.

But before that, make sure you have updated your listing right. Refer to this, this and this. Ensure all these are the best they can be because we definitely want to flaunt the best we have.

Need inspiration for updating your listing? Here are some great examples:

Fish, swim, boat, or just relax by the pristine lake and angelic mountains from this lakefront house in Idaho, USA ID#225181

2-bedroom condo just footsteps away from the Okanagan River, Skaha Lake, Lions Park, Kenyon Park and the Christie Memorial Park ID#49731

Beautiful private villa in the heart of the Tuscany with wonderful views of the verdant countryside all around ID#202290

Swim and snorkel right in front of this ground floor condo unit in Lahaina, Maui ID#221661


In addition to updating your listing right, include photos of your property that shows off different seasons and the things guests can do for each season. If you don’t have photos of your property with seasons other than the present season, then start with present season and remember to take photos every other season.

Now let’s get you more social, shall we?

  1. Make sure you like us on Facebook. Watch out for our every-other-day posts on Facebook. If you don’t see our post, click on the ‘Liked’ drop down menu and tick ‘See first’ on your newsfeed.
  2. Follow us on Twitter. Leave a reply on our tweets or simply retweet our tweets.
  3. Follow us on Pinterest, including some of our boards. Like and repin our pins.
  4. We are most active on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest but if you are on Google+, and Linkedin, follow us there as well.
  5. Simply like and share posts you like as you see them on your Facebook wall.
  6. If you find something that relates to your listing, then feel free to leave your comments. We post a variety of things. You will surely encounter one that fits your listing. You still have no idea how to engage with us? Here are a few posts we made from the past and some ways you can engage to these kinds of posts.
7 Ways to engage with us on social media

If your listing is conveniently located to nearby attractions, post a comment on how your guests can take advantage of renting your property and share a link to your listing. Or if we used a photo from your listing, go ahead and shout out loud it’s yours. Get excited! 🙂

7 Ways to engage with us on social media

When posts like this are shared and your property happens to be in the same location, grab the chance to let everyone know about your property and what guests can do while they rent your property. Or comment about that recent discount offer you have for your property.

7 Ways to engage with us on social media

Share your experience listing with Owner Direct and how guests can have an extraordinary travel renting your property through us.

7 Ways to engage with us on social media

Share your travel story to inspire others to travel as well and make memories of their own.

  1. You can also get interesting ideas on what works on Facebook from a study on 1.38 million posts on top 1,647 Facebook pages across all niches.
  2. Make your guests have a truly happy experience while renting your property. When it’s time for them to go, politely ask them if you can take photos of them. Let them know you will be posting it on social media with their feedback. Then share photos with us with your property listing’s ID number or link to your listing. Bonus Tip: Invest in a GuestBook where guests can log their names, rental dates and their honest feedback.

These are just a few ways to engage with us. Remember that while Owner Direct markets your property listing for you, we have thousands of property listings. If we never noticed your listing before, check that you updated your listing accordingly. Get our attention. Engage with us on the social media. We’ll be so glad to hear from you.


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