7 Tips for beautiful property photos

Osoyoos, Okanagan, BC #98549

7 Tips for beautiful property photos

Remember that old saying: “A picture is worth a thousand words?” A good picture can really do just that. In fact, a picture has become a very powerful marketing tool, now that technology is getting more and more advanced.

Capture the attention of your potential renters when they check out your property through Owner Direct. Reel them in with great photos. Bring them inside your home. Give them a virtual tour of every room, every area in your house. Highlight special and unique features. Make them want to own your home! At least for a few days or so …

Here are 7 tips for beautiful property photos, taken with whatever camera you have on hand and without a professional photographer’s help.

#1 Take full advantage of your camera

You can get good photos with whatever camera you have on hand. Of course it would be nice if you had the expensive professional camera but what matters most is how you make good use of your camera. Even professional photographers agree on this, so shall we?

Whatever camera you have, be it a point-and-shoot or your iPhone, set it to the finest quality and largest size possible for the .jpg output. When you are using your mobile phones, avoid using installed filter effects as you take photos. You can decide on adding filter effect during the editing process. And then let’s get to making good use of your camera with more tips below.

#2 Shoot from below going upward

Ocho Rios, Jamaica #67942

Ocho Rios, Jamaica #67942

Give your photo some perspective. Instead of shooting at an eye level, get down and shoot from below. Set the camera on the floor or get down to your knees and shoot from below going upward. Use your camera’s viewfinder or LCD to see if you’re getting the right angle before taking photos. Do this when you want to emphasize your property has a high ceiling or you want to highlight a beautiful chandelier in your living room or a lovely mobile in the nursery room. This also works when you want to include in the photo the view of the loft or the upper level of the house.

#3 Alternatively, shoot from above going downward

Sunset Lakes, Kissimmee #210239

Sunset Lakes, Kissimmee #210239

Doing this is especially helpful when your house has a second level where you can shoot from and you want to showcase how spacious the area down below is, such as your living room. A photo from above is also perfect when you have an open floor plan on the ground level or you have a grand staircase leading down.

#4 Open windows and doors

Sheraton Mountain, Beaver Creek, Colorado #99604

Sheraton Mountain, Beaver Creek, Colorado #99604

Open doors and windows in a room and let the wind and the sunshine in. Opening the doors and windows also helps bring out the best of the rooms in the photos without using a fancy flash, diffusers and all other equipment that professional photographers usually have. But remember to take photos in the late afternoon when natural light from sun is best. Avoid shooting when light is harsh. This will cast solid shadows that might completely cover or obstruct the beautiful details of a room’s interior. And never shoot at night. The limited light available will only give you unflattering photos.

#5 Convey sizes of the rooms and the entire property

San Miguel De Allende, Central Mexico #208838

San Miguel De Allende, Central Mexico #208838

When you have a large space, flaunt it using tips #2 or #3. When you have narrow or small rooms, do not emphasize its narrowness or smallness. Shoot from the corner of the room instead of from above or from the sides. You can also try shooting from the door. And please remember tip #4. Open whatever windows the room has. Photos that scream “I’m a tiny and dingy room” are a total turn off. Opened windows can make a big difference.

Also take photos of the exterior of your property. Include your porch, garden, backyard and front yard.

#6 Include amenities, souvenirs, views and nearby places

Terra Verde, Kissimmee #209882

Terra Verde, Kissimmee #209882

Take photos of amenities or equipment you have in your property. For instance, take a picture of your coffeemaker or yoga mat and pilates equipment, the laundry room, BBQ area, the bathtub or the pool area.

Look out to the windows or go out to your terrace or balcony. Take some photos and let your potential renters see what you see, what they will wake up to when they rent your property. Virtually take them to the nearby places they can visit and enjoy while they stay in your property. You can also take photos of the outside views in different seasons. Don’t forget to add short captions about the places when you add the photos to your property listing on OwnerDirect.com.

#7 Make a few minor edits

Pringle Bay, Western Cape, South Africa #210062

Pringle Bay, Western Cape, South Africa #210062

Take a little time to edit your photos. You don’t need expert skills for doing this. You only have to learn to take good photos that will flatter your already beautiful property (as explained above) and make minor edits. Do not overly edit photos so they look very different from reality. Doing this may disappoint your renters when they arrive at your place and see the real thing. It can also lead to negative feedback.

You can take several photos to try out every tip. Just choose the best among your photos after. Then go to pixlr.com/express – my favorite online photo editing tool. Click on ‘browse’ and choose a photo you want to edit. Depending on what your photo needs, you can choose several editing options on the ‘adjustment’ part. I will later write a detailed post on how you can edit your photos using pixlr.com. In the meantime, have fun taking some good photos of your property while keeping in mind the few tips I shared with you.


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