5 Ways to welcome your guests with a ‘Wow!’


5 Ways to welcome your guests with a ‘Wow!’

Who doesn’t want extra love? No one. Don’t be afraid to show a little more love to your guests. Give them love to keep them coming back. We came up with 5 ways to welcome your guests with a wow that will help in keeping your property rental occupied all through out the year.

Personally welcome your guests and leave a welcome note for them

There’s nothing better than personally welcoming your guests, ushering them inside your property, and giving them a quick tour inside and out. If you are not available to personally welcome them, then have a representative do the welcoming.

Also write a short and sweet welcome note for your guests and leave it somewhere visible. Attach the note on the fridge door with a magnet, place a pretty paperweight over the corner on the coffee table, or use complimentary soap and shampoo as paperweight and place the note on top of complimentary folded towel on the bed.

Extra Tip: Giving or lending (like towels) complimentary basic items is going to be a HUGE plus.


Scottsdale condo with an expansive view of the community and the McDowell Mountains ID#224267

Spend a few dollars to make your guests feel extra special

Add more flair to your welcome note by attaching it to a bottle of wine or a vase full of flowers (buy or pick from your garden). Consider purchasing a delicacy that is unique or specially produced in your location. When your vacation rental is located in the winery area, then a bottle of one of the best local wines would make a great welcome. If it’s strawberry plantation, then make it a basket of freshly picked strawberries.

Remember that your guests picked your location to spend their vacation (which may be their dream vacation) because of the location itself, what’s there, the activities, and attractions. To be welcomed with the things your guests wanted to try would be a really wow factor.


Lovely cottage with a view of Lac Levesque in Quebec ID#224318

Get a map of your location and the nearby areas

You can be your guests’ tour guide by throwing in a free map. Some prefer being explorers and getting lost with a map. If they have been to your area before, then perhaps there are new attractions that may interest them. Having a handy map will make their exploration of the area a lot easier.

ID# 72070

Cozy one bedroom suite ID# 72070

Give out coupons or lend your guests your membership cards

Give out your you-won’t-be-using promo codes, discount cards, or lend your guests your membership card to a gym, restaurant or any store. Doing this will surely wow your guests. They’ll thank you big time for helping them stay fit while on vacation, making them have a gastronomic experience at a famous restaurant, or helping them save a few dollars from their groceries or bring home a souvenir for free. Everybody loves a discount or freebie! So go ahead and be generous.


Property located in the Whistler Village ID#5518

Ensure your place is clean looking, as well as clean smelling

This one tops all four. If your rental property is messy and smells stale, all your efforts to welcome your guests will go sour. No special welcome will ever appease your guests when the photos and descriptions of your property listing do not live up to the actual condition of your property. Really, really make sure you don’t fail on this one before proceeding on to the other ways to welcome your guests.

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