The evolution of ski vacation rentals

The evolution of ski vacation rentals

The evolution of ski vacation rentals

 And then there were ski vacation rentals …

With the winter fast approaching, a lot of seasoned winter travellers and winter sports enthusiasts will be planning their next ski vacation early. Looking at pristine white snow capped mountains is simply awe inspiring, and staying in those snowed-in villages at the foot of the mountain is really something magical and romantic. No wonder ski vacation rentals everywhere have grown in popularity in recent years, and guests from different parts of the world travel to these top ski vacation rentals and top winter destinations to experience the exhilarating and wonderful adventures they offer.

Skiing or what we all know as traveling over snow aboard skis may have grown popular in recent years as an activity, but did you know that this sport dates back eight millennia? History taught us that modern skiing is actually a great-great-grandchild of an old practice in Scandinavia, and that there are also archeological evidences discovered that show that the oldest information about skiing was discovered at Lake Sindor in Russia. There they found a wooden ski dating back to about 6300 BC. There are also historical recordings found lateron that showed that skiing was also in practice as early as 600 BC in China.

Relax after a day on the slopes

Relax after a day on the slopes

Skiing was originally intended to transport people as well as food and other resources in those snowy places, but in the mid-1800s it became a popular sport and recreational activity practiced around the world. This paved the way for ski resorts and communities to mushroom in different locations, thereby giving birth to what is now a booming ski tourism industry (such as Quebec’s).

Before evolving into what they are now, these ski towns started out as small charming huts situated at the foot of the snowy mountains, providing accommodations for occasional skiing enthusiasts. After a few years, the hut owners saw the potential and turned these simple and practical huts into resorts and whole villages catering to ski enthusiasts. Today, they not only cater to the most experienced skiing connoisseurs, adventurous travellers, or active families but also provide a livelihood for the locals and promote each community’s tourism industry.

Sometimes, the prices for hotels and lodges in these ski resorts seem very high, especially for a bigger group of people. A good alternative are ski vacation rentals, often far below the prices of ski resort hotels. Ski vacation rentals do not only provide top notch yet affordable accommodations to tourists, they are also conveniently located in the heart of those ski resorts (such as Whistler). From there, the resort’s services and world-class facilities, such as shopping, spas and outdoor adventures, are easily accessible.

The original winter destinations became year-round business, thanks to the brilliant minds behind ski resorts who continuously innovate and improve their services and facilities. Even when their busiest time is during the winter, during peak season, these ski resorts have found a way to promote their location to be attractive year-round, with lots of activities available. All the better for ski vacation rental operators, as people come to these mountain villages not only during wintertime but any time of the year to escape the daily routines and recharge in a serene environment.


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