Best Places to Vacation with Your Dog for International Dog Day

Best Places to Vacation with Your Dog for International Dog Day

Best Places to Vacation with Your Dog for International Dog Day

On International Dog Day (annually on August 26th), it’s more important than ever to take your best friend with you on vacation. Show your pup how much you appreciate them when you plan a vacation that includes them. With so many places around the world becoming more and more pet friendly, it’s easier than ever to bring your dog along for the ride. If you’re wondering about the best destinations for your dog and your family, explore the options below to find the perfect match!

Athletic Adventures

Some dog breeds love being active, going on hikes, and running around. In fact, many breeds need to keep moving or else they’ll go crazy from all the pent up energy they’re keeping inside. Whether you have a Siberian Husky or a Border Collie, finding an athletic adventure near hiking trails is best. Grab a cabin and take your dog to a national park like Grand Canyon in Arizona, Yosemite National Park in California, Shenandoah National Park in Virginia, or Zion National Park in Utah to start your adventure.

There are tons of trails that range from just a couple of miles to many more that can ensure you and your dog get a great workout, explore nature, and discover the beauty of the great outdoors. Just make sure you have the perfect compact backpack to bring water, treats, and bug spray for yourself and your best pal.

Cold Weather Resorts 

Winter Snow Dogs

Some dogs love playing in snow and cold weather. If you’ve got a pup that prefers cooler temperatures, check out dog friendly ski resorts to discover a place with activities for the whole family. If a resort just isn’t your style, find yourself a condo or house rental that allows pets! From Canada’s Crystal Ridge in Whistler to California’s Big Bear, there’s fresh powder to enjoy in places all around the world!

Desert Destinations

For people and pups that prefer the warm weather, Albuquerque, New Mexico can make a great vacation destination. From hot air balloon festivals and film site attractions to White Sands National Monument and a plethora of dog parks, you can hike among the sand dunes and meet other dogs and tourists.

If you plan on going to a destination that has a lot of pets, make sure you’re ready to keep your dog safe with new dog tags, collars, leashes, and supplies. Many hiking trails prefer you keep your dog leashed, and you’ll want to have a puppy first aid kit for more intensive adventures.

Beachy Paradise

Surfing with your Dog

Both people and dogs have a love for the ocean. From sunbathing and sandcastle building to boating and surfing, there are so many activities you can do with your pooch. Crash about in the waves and return to a cozy villa in tons of beach towns for the ultimate week in paradise.

One of the top 10 international vacation destinations actually includes the beach town of Puerto Vallarta. With tons of dog friendly rentals available just minutes from Los Muertos beach, you can enjoy days in the sun and come back to a unique space that includes a huge backyard, pool, and porch.

Laze About Locations

For older dogs, spending the days running and hiking just isn’t the right way to vacation. If you want to take a vacation and explore new places with your pup, find a small town that has farmer’s markets and art walks to take short trips away from your villa that won’t tire out your pet. The best dog friendly vacation rentals often offer a pool in the backyard, so your pup can cool down in the water and get some exercise without being too hard on their joints.

Treat your best friend to the ultimate adventure when you take them with you on vacation today!

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