Best beaches in Florida to vacation at


Best beaches in Florida to vacation at

The entire population can hardly wait for summertime to roll around. The warm air, the abundance of vitamin D and the sun-kissed skin are so typical of summer. As early as June, people start booking resorts, packing their bags, and choosing a desirable summer destination. A destination they have never visited. Or perhaps they have, and it left them in awe. And anyone who has ever seen some of the best beaches in Florida knows what true beauty looks like. Whether you are looking for the best destinations for a family vacation or you want to find one where you can live your single life to the fullest, Florida has just what you need. These beaches are clean, turquoise, and jam-packed with tourists from around the world.

Best beaches in Florida to vacation at

1. Key West

Paradise has a name and it’s called Key West. In fact, the only drawback of vacationing in Key West can be the surplus of people. During summer, the shores are often overcrowded, as everyone wants to experience a beach as amazing as the ones in Key West. Even though located on a tiny island, Key West will not keep you idle and bored. You can rent a bike, hike on one of its many hiking trails, go snorkeling or kayaking – the options are endless. And, of course, if the crowds are not your cup of tea, you can always do some research of your own, and try to find a secluded beach. Once you manage to find it, it will be a true goldmine. Imagine being able to have fun with your family on a sandy beach, looking at the waves, and just letting tranquility take over you. All of that without having to squeeze past people on your way to the ocean’s depths.

Once you find a secluded beach, your summer vacation can begin!

Best beaches in Florida to vacation at

2. Cocoa Beach

If you live for those moments when you are up on the surfboard, bravely making your way through the uncontrollable waves, then Cocoa Beach is just what the doctor ordered. Proudly carrying the title ‘Surfing Capital of The World‘, Cocoa Beach lives up to its reputation year after year. Of course, you don’t necessarily have to be a surfer to vacation at this world-famous beach. Considering the fact that Orlando is just an hour away, it can be a great place for those looking for adventure. With Universal Orlando and The Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, family fun awaits. So, not only is Cocoa Beach a good destination for adventurers, but it can also be a kid-friendly summer vacation getaway.

Best beaches in Florida to vacation at

Miami’s South Beach

If you want to get the most out of your summer vacation, then you needn’t look much further than Miami Beach and its famous South Beach. Being located in the area known for its rich nightlife, South Beach is the perfect place for those who wish to enjoy their youth. And, once they recover from partying all night, they get to take a dip in one of the best beaches in Florida. In fact, South Beach is so famous, that you should not be surprised if you encounter a celebrity or two. Whether it’s filming movies or just enjoying their free time, South Beach is celebrity central. Rest assured that in no time will you be trying to find local moving experts that can help you move to Miami Beach, as you will be that enamored with the lifestyle here. But, for now, you get to spend a few days in an all-inclusive resort, living your life to the fullest.

Miami’s South Beach is a place that draws world-famous celebrities.

Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach takes the spot as one of the best beaches for families in Florida. Let’s set aside its beauty for a moment. Daytona Beach houses plenty of recreational activities, such as water sports and water parks. Your kids will have the time of their lives while running around a long and rather safe beach. The hotels in the area are known as being child-friendly, which only further enforces Daytona’s favorable reputation. Besides, the hotel and motel owners are aware of all the expenses families with kids have, so their prices range from extravagant to budget-friendly. Rest assured you will be able to find more than decent accommodation even when on a tight budget. That’s the appeal of vacationing at Daytona Beach.

Best beaches in Florida to vacation at

Clearwater Beach

How do you picture your perfect vacation? Are you seeing a long, sandy beach that turns into a scenery out of fairy-tales during sunsets? If you are, then Clearwater Beach is one of the best beaches in Florida for you to vacation at. It’s famous in the world as a beach with magical sunsets and it is well deserving of the title ‘One of America’s Finest Beaches‘. Being located close to Tampa means that you can have a perfect vacation, as you can simply go visit the city. Should you ever get bored of the white sandy beaches and breathtaking views, the amenities of the big city are just around the corner. Whether you rent a room in one of Clearwater’s seaside hotels or you decide to rent a family vacation home, it’s up to you. After all, you won’t be spending too much of you time being cooped up in your room when a great adventure is just outside, right?

Clearwater Beach is righteously considered one of the best beaches in Florida.

These best beaches in Florida will be hard to forget.

Florida is one of those destinations people come back to time and time again. After all, can you blame them? After experiencing the tropical paradise, even briefly, it can be hard to go back to the real world. But, at least for the time being, enjoy your summer vacation. They don’t come around too often and especially not in places as heavenly as these Florida beaches! From magical sunsets to the best family fun, The Sunshine State truly has it all!

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