Top 20 sunny destinations this winter

Winter can be rough, cold and downright unpleasant. Are you ready to plan a vacation somewhere warm and sunny? Check out these top sunny destinations with stunning vacation rental homes waiting to be rented by your family…. Read More

Owner Direct Vacation Rentals Study Away Scholarship 2021 – Winning Essay by Teresa Middleton

If you ask anyone who travels why travel is important there would be a common knowing, an unspoken feeling, an almost addiction in common among them. Travel is better than any … Read More

Cosy cabins with warm fireplaces to luxury log beds and gourmet kitchens. Find the ultimate place to relax, refresh and get away with family and friends at one of these not-so-rustic retreats. Sometimes all you need is a vacation away from … Read More

Everyone loves a good family vacation. After just getting back from one, let me share with you my family’s top tips on making the most of staying at an Owner Direct Vacation Rental.

Location, location, location…. Read More

For many rental property owners, there is often a constant struggle to get more leads. It’s important to create a space in which your property can do the selling for itself. There are a variety of upgrades, repairs or maintenance projects that will help increase the value of … Read More

As the vaccines work their magic and countries around the world start to open their doors to tourism again, it’s time to unveil the top vacation destinations for a post Covid world. It looks like we can’t wait to start exploring the world again domestically and internationally. Here is the … Read More

Enjoy time together in the fresh air at one of these hand-picked vacation rental homes with large outdoor spaces and a big backyard to play. This is a dreamy must-have feature in a vacation rental where one can simply spend more time … Read More

There’s nothing like jumping into a crisp clear pool on a hot summer day. What better way to spend a vacation than with family and friends around a private pool all to yourselves. Check out these top 20 vacation rentals with private … Read More

In a recent survey conducted by Owner Direct and Insights West, we asked BC and AB guests how likely, if at all, they were to travel for pleasure purposes in the next 1-3 years.

It’s beautiful weather outside, and the timing is perfect for a road trip. Whether you decide to drive out to the mountains, or head for the beach, all successful road trips require some level of planning to make them memorable. Despite the convenience that technology and other automobile … Read More

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