5 Health Hazards to Watch Out for When Travelling


5 Health Hazards to Watch Out for When Travelling

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Most people are wanderlusts, but others do travel to balance out their lifestyle (what we commonly call “work-life balance”) and benefit from the relaxation and adventure they experience from traveling or going outdoors. But no matter how rewarding it can get, it poses risks to your health and safety. Let’s admit it, no place on earth is completely safe! As the saying goes “better safe than sorry!” or “prevention is key”, so be on the lookout for these five hazards to keep yourself and your loved ones safe as much as possible.


FreeImages.com/Jonathan Austin Daniels

FreeImages.com/Jonathan Austin Daniels

Foreign countries are home to different kinds of insects that carry potentially harmful diseases or if not, can cause serious skin reactions. Whether you’ve been bitten by a tick or mosquitoes, we wouldn’t want ourselves or anyone we love to have malaria or dengue fever, right? Of course! Thankfully, though, there are plenty of ways to avoid insect bites.

Visit your local health practice before traveling to see which vaccinations to get before you set off. Ask your GP or general practitioner about tablets you can bring with you in case of, for example, malaria.

For practical preventive measures, clothes are the best protection and use it as your main barrier for those pesky bugs. Use repellent but with caution. Apply only to exposed skin and wash the treated skin, especially when used repeatedly. If possible, sleep with a protective net, if not, use blankets.





It’s important that you pay extra attention while on the road during vacations. Driving habits, infrastructure, traffic regulations and bylaws differ widely from country to country. Just like Thailand, where you’ll encounter the second most dangerous roads in the world – 478 people lost their lives in a week due to traffic accidents. TINZ highlights how a crash in Vietnam without insurance is not cheap and can set you back over $5,000!

To avoid this, try to find out as much as possible about the availability and standard of medical treatment or facilities of your destination. You should also make sure that your travel insurance covers accidents, emergency medical treatment, and repatriation. Always declare to your travel insurer all medical conditions that you may have and any medications you’re taking. Be safe and vigilant at all times.



FreeImages.com/Mirabail Michel

FreeImages.com/Mirabail Michel

Are you adventurous or always wanted to try hiking or snow sports? Did you know that injury is one of the most common health risks with travelers, especially after trying to wander through dangerous terrain? Never assume the same level of protection of one place to another.

Whenever going through uncharted or treacherous areas, make sure you’re with a guide or with someone who is qualified and registered. A lot of tourists have been injured and some even lost their lives for taking part in activities but in areas they shouldn’t have been allowed to. Ensure your safety and avoid this at all costs.



FreeImages.com/Eva Serna

FreeImages.com/Eva Serna

Local goods and street food are a must-try when traveling, but that doesn’t mean you need to gorge yourself at every meal! When traveling, always eat and drink with caution to avoid risks of having contagious diseases and spoiling your trip by spending it in a hospital, and the prospect of worms.

When choosing where and what to eat, it’s good to follow the crowds and it’s sensible to trust the most popular food stall. As long as you know where to go, you should enjoy the local foods and not deprive yourself too much.





Some sun exposure is actually beneficial in helping our bodies create vitamin D and promote feelings of general well being. However, too much sun can lead to skin problems. Forgetting to apply sunscreen may seem a simple mistake, but it’s not just the sunburn and the pain of it that you have to look out for, you also run the risk of getting sunstroke or even sun poisoning – with symptoms such as swelling, nausea and fever.

Apply sunscreen thoroughly to avoid getting burned. For a safer way to enjoy the sun aside from sunscreen, use it with a combination of shade and clothing, and you’ll likely be fine.


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